All Sorted On The B’day Gift Front

The day started off with John’s early rise of 5am. I could hear some shouts from both Caleb and Thor. They met John on his descending of the stairs a little later and they talked with him for a moment, then they headed back to their room. Fifteen minutes later, with John gone, they descended from the top floor once more. Suddenly I had a boney elbow thrust into my left side and a Thor-Thor huggle on my right hand side! No sound from the girls, but with the little guys alone, I realised that my nights sleep was over. A bit of chat, chat, chat from Thor and several ‘I love you Dadda’s’ from Caleb, I knew it was time to get up. It’s very sweet when your children show affection spontaneously, even if sleep is the only thing on your mind!

I did finally persuade them both to return to their beds before Sindy arrived at 7pm and I headed downstairs for my regular morning Cup of coffee, now sweetened with a teaspoon of Canderel not sugar.

After Sindy’s school drop, we parted company as she has been rather unwell these last days and took a few hours to rest before the school pickup. A friend of mine picked me up at 10am and whoosh – we headed out on the hunt for a birthday present that hopefully John cannot fault! We’ll see how that goes on Wednesday morning, the big day!

The minute I arrived back home I heard Sindy on the phone with the school. Caleb had somehow walloped his mouth on the dratted school toilet and almost smashed in his front incisors. An emergency trip to the dentist (all seemingly okay) only made possible with the snap cancellation of Aaliyah’s gymnastics class. She was told her Gym-mistress was very unwell! Poor love…

Most of you parents out there must remember this kind of day! Documenting family life can be so random really, can’t it? Writing non fiction is so sporadic! Nothing that I actually write can really flow with a formula or a structure. But that’s a good thing isn’t it? The randomness of random!!!

Anyhow, now looking forward to the birthday meal on Wednesday evening. A bit more of that on the day I am sure. And thank you for reading BTW.

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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