An Early Twelfth Night and An Early Night

Though twelfth night is on Tuesday this year, I guess like most if you, we downed the Xmas decorations today, Sunday. Our living room looks rather bare. We have just returned from lunch had at Pizza Express in one of the local towns. Everyone was well behaved more or less. However if there is one place on earth that would lead to the craving of carbs, I guess a pizza restaurant will do it! Chicken wings followed by a salad Nicoise was enjoyed by myself and John went for wings and the Caesar Salad option.

Thor and Caleb are at present breaking sticks and daddy is bellowing the flames of his newly set fire in the grate. Suddenly the room doesn’t seem so empty and blue.

A reflection on all of this festive consumption and I am left thinking that next Christmas a few more single object gifts like Tara’s ukulele or recorder might just be the answer. I think that, excluding the much needed bikes and scooters, fifty percent of their games and multiple piece toys ended up in the bin. Mostly scattered to the four winds. I am also reminded that two years ago the children were given snow globes by our nannies mother and within 30 seconds of opening the Christmas paper, both Thor and Aaliyah had exploded their globes on the ground. I grabbed the remaining three and in the cupboard they still safely sit. They’ll be grateful for that in a couple of years time I guess.

For all of the holiday cheer – I am feeling a little weary and looking forward to the children’s return to school in the morning. Routine is crucial, especially when you have five children ages six and below. Definitely gonna have an early night tonight…

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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