Pretty Much Back to Normal

Aaliyah is fighting Amritsar in the living room, trying to steel her ‘Heeleys’. Thor is hugging a soft ball we brought in Grasse, France, two years ago, purchased from an artisan shop in the old town lanes. Caleb is sat on daddy’s lap, as is Tara! Thirty minutes ago, the latter two were asked to leave the dinner table due to Tara eating her dinner slower than a snail, as was Caleb. I tried to help Caleb by spooning the said food to his mouth. He then took a swig of water and proceeded to spit the ‘lentil bake’ all over my hand. Thor and Aaliyah ate with gusto. Odd really as Thor was the main voice of opposition to the lentil bake and Aaliyah on the other hand simply refused to eat the dish the last time it was had. An early night for her that night due to her sheer indignant behaviour.

Tara and Amritsar are now sat beside the television looking like identical twins in their new matching pyjama sets. As you know they are not identical at all, but do have a blush of similarities and pretty much the same hair style, albeit Tara’s newish fringe. Aaliyah has vanished, Thor still grasping the soft ball and Caleb is clinging to daddy’s head firmly.

Bath time now, to be followed by bedtime. Hopefully they will sleep well as they were all up past 10pm last night playing silly buggers on the stairs for a fourth night. They will certainly find the return to school next week very challenging.

Aaliyah is now screaming ‘Caleb is not my friend, Caleb is not my friend’. Both Aaliyah, Thor and his ball and Caleb are swarming over Daddy’s head. Aaliyah shouts loudly, now Thor has vocally joined her. A relative cats chorus.

I have just implored Daddy to start the bath time duties as I am tiring of the antics in motion. Remus is snuggled on my lap with Gracie beside.

Daddy’s trip to the fridge has just resorted in Caleb going ballistic. He was given some Brie much to my annoyance with his behaviour at dinner time. Caleb spits his dinner at me and now complains that he is hungry!

He is presently squeezing daddy’s legs saying ‘I want you, I want you’ wailing louder and louder. Oops! He has just produced a rather large snot bubble. Sadly not caught on camera as was Thor’s world record breaker of last spring!

My cold on the other hand, after 4 years now, has yet to clear up! Clearly the little ones are still sucking second hand objects at school with their classmates. Odd that the girls stopped doing that once they escaped their old, germ infested preschool…

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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