Kimmah Ligh

Yes, it was about this time a year ago when we left a friends house in Wimbledon and Caleb said ‘Kimmah Ligh’ to every House that we passed with festively decked out Xmas lights.

A Christmas party was enjoyed tonight at friends John and Thea’s. The children were invited and I can honestly say that when there are +20 or so children under the age of 10, they kind of self manage! And indeed leave the grownups to get on with the festive drinking! We are just home via 2 x separate taxis and the children are finally in bed (9.30pm).

Thank you guys – this annual event really rocks. They even had a card conjurer with all kinds of tricks and slight of the hand stuff to impress us with. But the truth is, they invited several school gate parents that we always love to see.

There is always a face painter at the party and this year was as great as all of the others! Although Thor washed off his spooky face and started screaming as the face painter had to go home before his second choice face could be applied!!!

John had a moment when he, Caleb and Thor were sat on a sofa. One of them did a bottom burp. Daddy inquired ‘which one of you did that’ and Thor replied ‘not me, it was Caleb’. Then in turn Caleb replied ‘it was not me’. A minute passed and Thor finally whispered in daddy’s ear ‘Daddy, if you say it was you that did the bottom burp – I will love you forever’!

You gotta smile…

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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