Last Chance to Write This

The children about to arrive home from School. It is Monday afternoon. No mishaps this morning. Sindy dropped the guys to the school gate, all barr Caleb that is. Caleb and she progressed on to the hospital for Caleb to have a final checkup on his ears. He was given the okay and Sindy dropped him back to school. This final consultation leaves us with the information that we had always considered. Caleb is a pretty regular little boy. He just gets to where he wants to be a little slower than his twin sister Aaliyah.

Aaliyah is off with Sindy after the others are dropped to the house for Gymnastics Class. Then home and bed for them all.

Our weekend was great. It started with a meal out on Friday night for John and myself. A place called the Pot and Kiln. When we finally arrived, the welcome and the food were great (very Gamey). You could not get any more rural really. The place was essentially in a farmers field!

Saturday saw the return of friends Glen and Victoria with their three children Lucy, Aiden and Fi. Chips’n’Choices was enjoyed and my first minced pie of the year was served with an option of either cream or ice cream for dessert. Simple, but tasty enough. We had a roast chicken luncheon followed by a relaxing afternoon. Thank you guys for sharing your time – it’s always a pleasure.

Last night saw daddy do bath time alone. Sindy called in and we drove over to the pamper event organised by the little ones old preschool. Dadda’s Jam stall was set up and Dadda got Jammin’. A good night was had – thank you to Sarah and Ellie for inviting us. And Ellie – a personal thank you to both you and your mum. I hope you enjoy your selection of Dadda’s Jam.

We had a roofer over this morning, to hopefully have made my nights a little more peaceful when it rains. Various trades people have visited in the past to fix a leaky roof. Yet there remains the drip, drip, drip above my side of the bed. I have woken in the past to being completely soaked! There is a bowl catching the water actually above my head. It is a 4 poster bed, so obscured from my view. But when it rains – drip, drip, drip. Anyhow, fingers crossed. I think the next rain is forecast for the end of the week. I will let you know after then as to if the roofers endeavours have paid off,..

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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