Monday Night was Curry Night

Food, glorious food. And so it continues! I often make a curry on a Monday night. With fore-preparation it can be such a simple event. That chest freezer isn’t full by accident. Used properly, a freezer really does make an easy job of making certain foods. The rice was previously cooked to perfection and then frozen, as was the raw marinated chicken thigh, yellow lentil dal, mutter (pea curry) and gravy (Dadda’s homemade curry sauce). The dry popadoms were microwaved for 30 seconds (turned half way through) and the same can be said for the rice, mutter and dal – all heated in microwaveable bowls. The raw chicken was cooked on the hob and the sauce added and heated thoroughly.

The children love mutter, but last night they enjoyed Dadda’s homemade chicken and pork Terrine sandwich’s with mayonnaise. Aaliyah on the other hand was at gymnastics class so she ate in the car on the way home.

Our nanny Sindy hadn’t been gone long before the screams and shouts from the top floor wafted down. I ventured up to find them all stood around Caleb in the shower room, poo all over the toilet, his nappy that was down at his ankles and both buttocks and all the way down the rear of his legs. Oh dear I exclaimed. In fairness he was trying to clean off the poo that was caked over the toilet seat with a baby wipe – how it got there, I have no idea…

Well, I helped him clean up! And gave him credit for his attempts. Just 12 months ago, things would have acted out a whole lot different. He has come on a huge amount in this time. The chaos is still there on occasion, but for the main, he is now so much more thoughtful of what he does.

Thor continued to shout down for some time, ‘Dadda – I have something to tell you’ is his usual summons’s – but after some negotiations with me at the foot of the stairs (shouting up), all settled and Daddy and Dadda enjoyed our dinner together.

Planning to get Jammin’ tomorrow. So more from me then.

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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