Happy One Year Today

Can you imagine my surprise when I received an email saying happy first birthday! It seems that my diary blog has weathered a whole year. Fitting that I only today wrote the final paragraph of Dadda’s new book ‘Thirteen Moons More’. It’s now in its final edit and should be available on Amazon on or around next weekend. It is essentially the edited version of my diary posts. A year in the life of my family. ‘Eighteen Moons’ essentially tells the story of how my amazing family came together and ‘Thirteen Moons More’ is the story of just who we are today.

On other matters, the wasp nest that was mentioned earlier is a problem. A few wasps had managed to enter the children’s room last night, buzzing away and waking up all of the crew in the early hours. Their screams could be heard by our most distant neighbour, but Thor’s was the loudest. They invaded our room and a plan B had to be considered. They ended up top to toeing in the spare room, though Thor continued his screaming for some time. Needless to say John and I are extremely tired today having had pretty much no sleep at all.

Family life in The Shires eh!

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

5 thoughts on “Happy One Year Today”

  1. I had to be the first person to comment on your latest post! Happy 1st birthday for your blog! I hope that your day on this thing we call WordPress is a great one

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      1. Your more than welcome! I’m just being nosey and checking out your blog on my laptop as I’m sending this reply via my phone haha 🤣 multi tasking at its finest

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