Preparations for ‘Back to School’

The girls return to school is tomorrow. The house is a buzz with activity. Caleb, Aaliyah and Amritsar have all had their hair trimmed and Tara and Thor are heading out a bit later this morning for their haircuts. At present Tara and Ritzy are opening the packaging of their new school shirts and our nanny Sindy is giving them a press with the iron in the kitchen.

The little ones are running a muck here in the living room. Thor has tired and is presently snuggling into my arm with his beloved MiMi as he has just stated that MiMi is tired.

Breakfast was a couple of rounds of Dadda’s jammy toast. Caleb is singing away using sounds, not words and Aaliyah is hugging both Gracie and Remus in turn. She really will be a vet or a kennel worker I think. Or is it still going to be a jockey like Tara! She has just finished entombing Gracie with all of the cushions and has informed me that Gracie is in her house.

The little ones start their ‘School Days’ on Monday. But for now they are enjoying their last days of the summer holiday. Aaliyah has just said ‘This is Rubbish’ to one of the CBeebies programs, Justin’s house and stormed out of the room, quickly followed by Caleb snacking his head on the large Onyx vase besides the TV after shaking his head to the theme music to the program. All rubbed better now!

Thor has just leapt up and is headed to the front door with Tara. Time for their haircuts me thinks!

Maybe more from me later!

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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