‘Thank You For Our Little Chat Dadda’

So far this week, all has gone as clockwork. You may have sussed out that our major breakdowns usually happen at the weekend when Daddy is here. You see, they all play up for daddy – competing for his attention. In the week, what with school and preschool and Sindy’s calm and organised structure, we have a pretty smooth time of it. Tonight however, the moment that Sindy headed home, firstly Amritsar’s screams could be heard for Gurney, her white and green favourite teddy bear. I shouted up that she could come down and I would retrieve him from the kitchen. She met me at the bottom of the stairs and I handed over her overly loved, limp and squashed little bear. Tara also appeared, popping her head around the balustrade on the mid landing. She also ascended, as did Thor. Down they all trumbled, as did Aaliyah and finally Caleb. Thor was chat, chat, chat. Amritsar and I had a hug, then ‘kiss and hug’ for Aaliyah, then Tara. ‘Come on guys’ I exclaimed. ‘You really need to head back up.’ Thor was still chat, chat, chat. Aaliyah headed back up as did the others barr Thor, still chat, chat, chat. He finally concluded his little chat with ‘I love you Dadda and thank you for our little chat’. Well, that was it really. All upstairs now and they seem quiet enough now. Steak and chips on the menu tonight for John and I. Bring it on!!!

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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