Five Months In Thailand 2015

As with last weeks ‘Look In’ on India with random pictures, I thought that this week we could just take a peek back on some of the time I spent in Thailand. It was difficult being away from John and our beautiful daughters, but my separation was necessary. Though difficult back home, John coped with the help of our au pair and his sister Sara.

The birth of our first son Thor was one of mixed emotions. I was very happy to have finally (biologically) fathered a child, but we did not immediately bond. From the moment of his arrival, he made his presence known in a very vocal way. He was the screamiest of our five children and even today there is seldom a full day when he does not have a least one major breakdown. Though we are very ‘Bonded’ now, those early days were thwart.

Bangkok Street food is amongst the best in the world. A far cry from the ‘Delhi Belly’ moments from the street vendors in Mumbai. Noodles were my staple really. Though our apartment was beside a great supermarket (no longer there). The majority of the 5 months was spent at the ‘Marriott Executive Apartments’ on Langsuan. This time we were not taking any chances, I would live in a decent and safe place. That being said, I hired another nanny Ameena, who helped us through those long first months, estranged from those I loved, back in the U.K. I am still in contact with Ameena and her sisters, all of whom loved little Thor Thor.

A great restaurant that John, Ameena and I took Thor to on the Sukhumvit road (one of the longest roads in the world). A bustling market by day and pop up fish and seafood restaurant by night.

Buddhism being the national religion of Thailand, meant that I saw my fair share of Buddhist monks. At the end of my stay in Thailand I spent the last two weeks listening to evening chants before bedtime. That in itself is another story, I will save that one for a later date.

We finally had to say goodbye to Ameena and here sisters as this picture was taken on our last day in Thailand. John had flown over specially to accompany Thor and I on our homeward journey. At that time I needed his support. I thank you John for that. So there you have it! My five months in Bangkok, Thailand, awaiting Thor’s UK passport. The birthplace of our son Thor.

Maybe a Nostalgic ‘Look In’ on Kathmandu next week…

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