Little Tikes

Well a smooth enough beginning to the day, however some dramas to be had on the midday snooze for Aaliyah, Caleb and Thor. Our nanny Sindy was off for the midday break and upon her return, the restless little ones (I heard from the living room) were told to ‘sit on the sofa’ whilst she surveyed the destruction that was Amritsar and Tara’s bunk beds. All of their ‘bits and bobs’ that were stowed away in their music boxes and special shoe boxes had been strewn to the winds and all the little ones could do was scream and shout, the concept of guilt was not present. They descended the stairs to be told that they would make right the damage when Tara and Amritsar returned from school and I scowled at them as unhappily as I could muster! Thor and Caleb just giggled, though Aaliyah screamed that she was sorry. ‘I want to be a good girl, I want to be a good girl’ she screamed. I listened for a moment and finally said in an elevated tone ‘enough is enough’! I picked up my phone and made a few finger motions. ‘Am I speaking to Mrs Snodgrass’ I asked. ‘Yes, it’s me again. This time they really have gone too far and do not feel at all sorry – is there a chance that Aaliyah, Caleb and Thor can begin ‘Naughty School’ on Monday morning’? ‘What, yes they can’ I said, perfect, ‘we will finalise things on Friday’. ‘ No, not Mrs Snodgrass, no, no, no’ screamed Aaliyah. Thor added ‘No Dadda, no’ and Caleb just looked on shamefaced. Anyhow, Sindy went off to collect the girls and things were later tidied up…

Thor had also refused to eat lunch earlier, much to the merriment of Caleb, as he ate Thor’s discarded cheese and pickle sandwiches. This made Thor extremely hungry just before dinner, he was the first to finish his ‘ broccoli, pesto, pasta’ and a banana was had for dessert.

My day comprised of cooking three Thai curries, even cooking the rice for dinner tomorrow night, as we have friends calling over for dinner. I continued my Jammin’ with a figgy pear combo, just three jars. Which reminds me, are you still up to make your own batch of home made jam? I did say a month or two ago that you should reserve three or four jam jars and we could make our very first sweet and sticky jam together! I hope you have the empty jam jars as I think we should go ahead in the next day or two to impress some of our friends and family with our very own home made jams. Be sure to buy two punnets of plums and a kilo of sugar in the next day or so – let’s go for Friday. Come back to this blog on Friday prepared won’t you!

Last thoughts for the day are on Aaliyah. The dynamo torch that she had chosen at the science museum on Sunday has been cannibalised and turned into a home made ‘taser’, I have had to confiscate it due to worries of injuries, I say it again and again ‘everything gets broken in this house’ can we please stop breaking everything. Aaliyah alone in the last twelve months has broken the logo / label on the Aga oven, scratched deeply into the Aga fridge. She’s broken a multitude of toys and Xmas decorations, scratched into the kitchen table and the antique, Victorian (walnut veneered) table in the living room. I am told things get better in time! I don’t remember the girls being this destructive at the age of three. We persevere don’t we, we have to!

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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