I did it, I did it ‘Eighteen Moons’ is finally out there

Now there’s an introduction for today’s diary entry. Yes indeed, I did it. My memoirs have finally made it from my computers desktop, and found its way into the ether of what is Amazon Kindle. Now as for promotion and marketing, well I sigh – that is well and truly something that I do not have a budget for, rather just a small appeal to any of you out there that might be interested in the story of how my family came to be, please consider reading the story of our attempts at ‘Family Planning’. That name was actually a contender for the name of the novel. But in the end I settled for ‘Eighteen Moons’. As I have previously mentioned, the moon seemed to be a commodity of time over the eighteen months that I lived in India, Thailand and Nepal. If you do enjoy the read, I do hope that you will find the spirit and enthusiasm to recommend it to friends and family as I can only hope for the story to be communicated and be told through the grapevine, by word of mouth. So for any of you out there with a Kindle or the Kindle app for Android and iPhone, please just search the two little words ‘Eighteen Moons’. I thank you in advance and appreciate any feedback in both the ‘customer reviews’ area of Kindle and of course, to copy and paste your comments on here, my ‘Diary of a Gay Dad’. Thank you in advance.

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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