Winter Solstice and a Full Moon in One

On this day, after a small break from my blog (three days), I return on this rather special astrological day. The day that is Winter Solstice and the moon is almost at the peak of its cycle. I think tomorrow is its official full blossom, but it looks big and bright in the relative clear skies above us, here in the Shires. The children went to bed late as we only arrived home at 8.30pm. There were a few very grumpy outbreaks In the car on the return journey, but we are home and things have finally settled down. Another glass of chilled Rose wine in this time of peace and quiet and yes, a memory or two from our month in Provence, throughout August. Whilst there, I actually completed my novel recounting the time we set out to become a family and all of the highs, lows, injustices and sheer bureaucracy of it all. It has been sat in the draw this whole time! Tick, tick, tick, there’s got to be an agent out there who might be interested in bringing it to a publisher, but for now, I await one specific agent who has not replied to my submission. Yes, even here in the U.K. like in India and the world throughout, there is a way that things are actually done. Agents are worth their weight in gold if they deliver well in whatever business they bargain and trade within. I found that in India, most businesses have the allusive ‘Agent’! Come on guys, even Hollywood is constructed on a ‘Middle Man’ or woman taking their cut of a deal. Well I have decided that if my preferred choice of agent is not on board, I will submit the manuscript to the myriad of publishing agents out there on mass and if in eight weeks time, there is no agent on board, self publishing is a very real possibility. Okay, back to the full moon on this, our planets shortest day. In fairness, that does give our almost full moon that little bit longer to shine!

Why were we out all day? Well, John had a ‘bring the children into work day’ as his final working day before the Christmas break. And all of those employees with children came in with their ‘little ones’. Fun was had by all and as you can imagine, not a lot of work was actually done. But everyone enjoyed the party and we were all disbanded by 1pm. We then continued on to Wimbledon for a meal with a friend of the family, Liz. She was in fact the first person I told that we were pregnant with our twins, Amritsar and Tara. That seems such a while back now. We are the proud parents to five small children. Just the thought and hopes for that first pregnancy six years ago seems eons ago. So it was lovely to see her and thank you for going to all the trouble Liz.

Thor’s fourth birthday tomorrow, so lots to include in the next instalment of the ‘Diary of a Gay Dad’.

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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