Half Moon

Nine o’clock at night and our ‘not so famous five’ have only just been marched up to bed. The reason being a drinks party that we were all invited to and after an afternoon of festivities and merriment, we came in to two very excited hounds and a quick Jim Jam frenzy and ultimately, the ascending of the stairs to ‘High ho, high ho’, but not before my entire rendition of the twelve days of Christmas sung in perfect pitch by myself. I always seem to loose it after nine pipers piping (that’s wrong, you know what I’m saying) so I hum the bits that don’t know in words, but I got to the twelfth day and T and A (Tara and Amritsar) seemed to enjoy the Christmasness of it all, joining in where they could (sounding more and more able to throw a few harmonies). Like many of you today, we bedecked our living room with several Christmas wreaths, just wreaking of Yuletide and a twelve foot conifer that still needs a sprinkle of the fairy dust (the lights and baubles are a chore for tomorrow morning). Thank you Thea and John if you are reading this! The party was great. The only sound to be heard after the bedtime ascent was Thor screaming down that he wanted a ‘kiss and hug’ – not fair as he had many. All is quite now however and we can finally relax. The home made wreaths will have to wait until Monday, as will the garland of woodland evergreens, as tomorrow lunchtime we’re visiting friends in London, I’m so looking forward to ‘Lees Peas’! The little ones are very excited about going to London as they know that a day out in town is always fun. I am intrigued to see how our friends three little ones are progressing. They are around the same ages as ours and as like today with all of the children running riot, it’s totally interesting to see the ‘group dynamics in action’!

Now onward to tonights half moon. There it was as we pulled up in the driveway. Sparkling through the neighbours eucalyptus tree, I always think of my brother Paul and wife Kylie and family when I see the eucalyptus tree. But whenever I see the moon, it comforts me and I think of home and our little family.

Okay so a good and well behaved day overall, they are all getting there, and that is in itself a blessing. Home made waffles in the morning, always a big hit with a cascade of maple syrup. Personally I like a smear of butter on mine also. But unlike waffle recipes out there, that are ‘healthy’ yet tasteless, you need the addition of enough salt to bring heightened flavour, a good amount of melted butter and a good glug of vanilla extract. The waffle maker makes four at a time, so I’ve got to get waffling before they’re down the stairs, just so that there is a good stack of them for us all to indulge in…

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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