Musical Statues

We have just rounded off the day with a session of musical statues to ‘The Lighting Seeds’ (various) and ‘Mmmbop’ by the legendary Hanson. At which time, Thor was back on ‘The Thinking Chair’. His third time today in fact. The first time was 10.58 this morning, he shouted throughout the two minutes silence, and as for the other two little ones with their muttering, giggling and whispering. Our two older girls got it! They have been looking at war and remembrance at school. I really am worried that the three little ones will not be ready for primary school next year – they just seem a complete world away from Amritsar and Tara, completely chaotic and discombobulated. It’s gonna have to be a hop, skip and jump of a year for them to be prepared for the big step next September. Anyhow, lunch was Spaghetti puttanesca and later. cheese, ham and pickle sandwiches at dinnertime. With the heating system still playing up and the six hundred pounds spent last weekend to fix it and the old boy who did or didn’t do the work not answering frantic texts and voicemails, we are still without heat and hot water. I’m so sick that these cowboys still exist. Damn him, we have five small children and all I can smell is heating oil around the outside boiler and tank. Giving thanks to the open fire we are now embracing. Don’t worry, I am told that heating oil is not ignited by the fumes in an open environment and there is no smell in the house or living room.

A very quick mention regarding Gracie. She was absent from lolling about with Remus, besides the open log fire for some time after the children had eaten their sandwiches, or rather not eaten. The four or five sandwich quarters that lay towards the top of the push top ‘Brabantia’ bin in the kitchen had been scoffed. She had managed to push the top of the bin and nozzled in her snout to devour the contents. Not the first time a bin liner had been ravaged by her, but certainly the first bin hacking in this house. Naughty Gracie.

The children are all upstairs in bed now after a particularly traumatic nappy, teeth and jimjam session. But all is quiet up there and a couple of hours of sanity is to be had now by these two, relatively beleaguered parents. Though this blog is not attempting to be political! Last thoughts are with ‘Remembrance Sunday’ and the remarkable people who went before and gave so much in very difficult times. We thank you! Goodnight…

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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