Wet, windy and cold

The not so famous five went up to bed an hour ago. No shower tonight as the heating system that had left us in a mini ice age two weeks ago, was fixed last weekend, but the undergone work had left us very uneasy with the powerful smell of heating oil fumes here on the ground floor of the house. The downside is that I have arrived home from my two nights in London to a freezing cold house, strong winds and heavy rain outside. There has also been unrest upstairs, but that has died down now. Probably due to the fact that they have all decided that it is far warmer under their duvets. John rode his bike in on the commute today. I had a phone call an hour ago with him saying that his bike chain had broken and that he is now stranded on a roundabout, a few miles away. He is waiting on the AA to pick him up. He stands somewhere in the dark, cold, wet, beside the unrelenting roadside and intolerable weather. He won’t be happy on his return. Another call just now saying that they he AA have been delayed and will not be with him until 8.30pm, another forty five minutes, so he might just be here at 9pm if we are lucky. The rain and wind are thrashing the windows at this point. He’s not happy at all and will be most distressed on his arrival home after this unexpected ordeal. On a lighter note, talking of returns, mine was greeted by five crazy little people saying that they missed me and the hounds were uncontrollable. Yes uncontrollable, even after me being home for an hour.

Moving on to the present, they kind of understand when I say ‘John home late’, but I have to reaffirm it every now and then or they continue to whine and bark their heads off at the slightest sound, thinking it is John coming through the door. Well it’s the start of the weekend – things can only improve. Or can they? Everyone is down with a heavy cold and Aaliyah has been feeling sick today at preschool. Bloody hell its cold – I’ve just put on my fleecy schott hoody. There’s another birthday party for the girls tomorrow, leaving me with the little ones. I will update you as to tomorrow’s antics in relative real time over the weekend. As you know the weekends are always pretty full on. As for tonight – Dinner once John arrives and an early night I think…

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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