Personality Profiling

Okay – my silence thus far today would relate to a pretty non eventful, average day. All were well behaved and all went well. School and preschool, breakfast, lunch and dinner, yes all was good. The little ones enjoyed an iced, ring donut with sprinkles for lunch (a real treat opposed to their usual sandwich). This was a special treat as we had twelve donuts to get rid of as we didn’t get to dessert after the big feed on Sunday, leaving four chocolate covered donuts (John and I had two yesterday after our dinner), four strawberry icing and four white iced donuts for eating. I was a piggy and ate the two chocolate donuts remaining this morning as anything with chocolate always ends in arguments with our not so famous five, if not an even number (I know five isn’t an even number). So this left eight for the children. Do the math! Or as we say in the U.K. ‘do the maths’! Three for lunch and five for dessert after dinner and we’re good with eight. That was the day, a few sums and a whole load of calories later, non eventful.

So I move onto personality profiling. And today we start with ‘A’ or rather ‘A’ being more affectionately known as Amritsar. She is a hard worker. She also prides herself on her achievements. She is good at art and considers colour and form. She combines different characters in a thoughtful way when it comes to drawing. Our ‘little miss sunshine’ is an excellent reader. She is way past the phonics of sounding the words, she just let’s rip with story books that are brought home to read as their homework. For a girl of five, I am in awe. She likes to achieve and at school they, on occasion have an achievers assembly. Her smile beams when she is up there on the stage, waiting for one of the blue certificates that tells her that she is doing well. I do love her determination. It’s funny as before parenthood, I had no idea of when in life ‘personality’ made its confirmation. But to be completely honest, our two five year olds and three, three year olds are absolutely the characters that they will always be. Nurture or genetics – who gives a flying **** they are who they are and with regards nurture, that they will always have. I feel so strongly bonded with Amritsar. Everyday I appreciate her affection, creativity, thoughtfulness, understanding and above all, her sheer ability to love.

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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