Another Jam for the provisions cupboard

This phenomena in my life started soon after moving to ‘The Shires’ from my prior life in London. Even before the children were born, I attempted blackberry jam and to my dismay – I was rubbish at it. Three times I re boiled the stewed fruit and that is after bottling and sterilising the jam jars thrice. All I had was blackberry syrup. I felt like giving up but I am rather glad that I stuck with it. After the set of today’s Apple jam – manna from heaven. I will no doubt revisit Jam making on this blog again and again – but don’t let that put you off reading this as ‘Jam is funky’ and everybody loves it…

Okay that aside, it’s Monday and the beginning of the children’s school runs. Now coming from London I never saw the point of driving. That plus for as long as I’ve known John, he’s done all of the driving. When we met he had a Golf GTI and Kawasaki ZZR 600 motorbike. Through the years that combined with the Tube and in more recent years London busses, there was just no reason at all to drive. As a couple we ended up enjoining the luxury of a BMW X5 4 x 4, but when John found out the second set of twins were on their way he panicked and looked frantically for a seven seater option. We now enjoy the delights of a Mitsubishi Shogun. So our nanny Sindy is on the insurance and fully accommodates the weekday school and preschool runs.

The three little ones are at present on their midday nap! All parents enjoy the peaceful time when the toddlers nap but Thor is coming on four years of age and Aaliyah and Caleb are six months his junior. This arrangement will not be lasting much longer. Well, as most parents do – we’ll enjoy it for as long as it lasts. So a recap on the school runs and our nanny Sindy very much in control, I do at times feel a little redundant. And having flash points of catering breakfast, lunch and dinner, my time is freed up to pursue fine dining options for John and indeed the children, plus a career in the arts of Jam making. ‘Dadda’s Jams’ are definitely a massive hit with the children plus the family and friends know what they’re getting for Christmas.

The provisions cupboard is well and truly ‘Jammed Up’!

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

2 thoughts on “Another Jam for the provisions cupboard”

  1. Geepers Andi, I hope you followed a recipe this time… (instead of improvising) Jam is a funny thing. Been there, done that. Pinch of this and embellished with something unique works fine for the taste but for texture ya godda rely on those old granny techniques.

    I’ve found pectin (usually found on the same shelf as the canning supplies) to be a godsend. Don’t know if you tried it. Just follow the chart for the specific fruit.

    If you lemme know your next time, I’ll be glad to forward on some hints from a 1947 cookbook my Mom relied on and I still consult.


    1. The book from 1947 sounds like a potential treasure trove, so any tips are very appreciated. If you follow later Jammin’ moments, perhaps a few directives from you might just be in order.

      Regarding the three attempts at the blackberry jam early on, I did use bottled certo pectin to no avail (twice). It must have been a proportion thing I guess, so yes ‘sticking’ to recipes works well.

      But there being a bit of a ‘Rebel’ in me, I have found that it’s not always the best way, to follow a recipe, that is! Listen on in a few later blogs and I’ll show you some super ‘sticky’ outcomes!


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