Now I get it… I am now blogging opposed to commenting on my own blog

Dusk has just shrouded us and John has lead the not so famous five up to bed. It feels autumnal now – dark at 7pm and the children’s bedtime. A far cry from the late daytime hours of the summer and the reason for many nights of unsleepy children and the patter of tiny feet on the new oak floor of their bedroom in recent times. Though quite threadbare – I do miss the old tattered carpets.

The babysitter Nikki came last night and we went out for dinner. On our return she was upstairs! When she descended we were told they were dressing for our big day trip today (Saturday)! A little early but it got them off to sleep happy with the day to come.

It’s been a long day. Our agenda started at the Natural History Museum in London and ended at a crazy trampolining center in Ealing in West London for a friends childs sixth birthday. Plus a lunch of pizza and ice cream in the middle.

Have you ever tried to keep an eye of five little ones – all dashing in various directions in trampoline heaven! And guess what the birthday menu was? Yes a second helping of pizza and ice cream …

Little Thor has just been yelling from the second level of stairs ‘Kiss and Hug Dadda, Kiss and Hug’. A Kiss and Hug later and John and I are firmly planted in the living room and all is quiet upstairs and a well deserved glass of wine is being poured.

The rapscallion hounds are nudging for space on the sofa – the end of another day. And we didn’t even get to see Andy from Children’s BBC’s time travelling clock at the museum. Meaning we will have to make another trip at some point or other. 

What lies in store for tomorrow?

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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