A Guest Feature from Amanda Henderson ‘Moving House with Young Children – A Parents Perspective’!

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Tips for Buying and Selling a Home as a New Parent

Buying and selling a home at the same time is stressful enough as it is. For new or expecting parents, the process can be completely overwhelming! There are just so many things to consider, decisions to make, and demanding tasks to check off your to-do list. Thankfully, we’ve assembled a few resources to help you navigate the buying and selling process while keeping your stress levels to a minimum. 

Get Help Finding Your Perfect Home

House hunting isn’t easy, especially when you have young kids to think about. Get help from a local professional to find a home that’s perfectly suited for your growing family.

● Keep an eye out for family-friendly neighborhoods where you can raise your kids. ● Look for home features that will accommodate your growing family, like a big kitchen, a safe backyard space, and access to fast and reliable internet service.● Consider hiring professional movers to make your relocation as quick and reasonably painless as possible.

Don’t Blow Your Budget

Sticking to a home buying budget is essential for ensuring your new home is affordable both now and in the long run. Review your mortgage options to get a better idea of your home affordability. ● Review your various options to determine the best mortgage rates today.● Start saving for your house deposit as soon as possible.● An online mortgage calculator can help you determine your monthly payments. ● Budget with your baby’s expenses in mind.● Know what to do if your mortgage application is declined.

Get the Most From Your Home Sale

From pricing your home correctly to cleaning and staging, a little upfront work will pay off big time when it’s time to sell.● Leverage effective pricing strategies to get maximum value for your home.● Have some strategies to get your home show-ready with young kids underfoot, like keeping a laundry basket ready for quick pick-ups and saving room for it in the trunk of your car when there’s a last-minute showing.● Enlist a few good negotiation strategies to get the most money for your home when you sell.● Take steps to reduce stress when selling your home;learn some breathing exercises for tough moments, engage in meditation or yoga, and apply some aromatherapy to your day.

Buying and selling a home with kids on the way is bound to be more than a little stressful. Try not to stress over the small details. Take everything one step at a time and you’ll be moving into your new home before you know it!