The Weekend Roundup!

Well, our night out at Henry and Joe’s restaurant in Newbury went very well. An 8-course taster menu with accompanying wines was thoroughly enjoyed. As we do not get out very often, and a Birthday to celebrate is a very good reason to enjoy a good night out.

Enough talk about me, so what about the children? Age wise, Amritsar and Tara will be 9 years old in March, Thor is 7 years old now, and Aaliyah and Caleb are 6, OMG, they are growing up so fast! So very much has happened in this last year and a half. All of us and you, living with the constant threat of covid 19 in our lives. Back in October, John caught it! He had flu like symptoms for 48hrs and then seemed better. Though he had passed it on to Amritsar and Tara. Next was Thor, then finally Caleb. We had what seemed like 100 calls from test and trace as John’s number was given for all 4 children. Aaliyah and I were however spared. Mind you, I’ve had a cold now for 3 months. Maybe that is why I did not contract it. So many antibodies fighting this different corona virus! It feels very reminiscent of the early days when the children were all going through preschool and their snotty noses were a constant. I remember having one cold after another for around 4 years in total.

Enough of that. We are all alive and happy, that is the main thing! The pandemic has taken so many people way too early in life.

So, this is my introduction back into diary writing. There will be a lot more talk of the children a bit later on. But I think you’ll agree from watching the video, they are all so much bigger.

Though having said all of this, I have decided that I am not going to force my writing upon you daily. Rather weekly updates on family life, here in the Shires. And my continuing mission is to share some of Daddy and Dadda’s Dinner ideas and of course, Dadda is still Jammin’ and I will be compiling the data for my next book offering, Dadda Gets Jammin’ on this very blog. There will be regular installments of my take on contemporary jam making, including chutneys and preserves.

Happy Birthday Daddy

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

13 thoughts on “The Weekend Roundup!”

  1. As a new follower to your blog, I loved the video! Those kiddos are so cute! I am a blind woman living in cork in ireland, I have mental health difficulties, but I love that you included video and not just photos! Nice to meet your crew! xoxo

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    1. Hello Carol and thank you for the follow. I am happy that you have chosen to follow my diary blog. I have been away, but now I am back. And just for you, I am willing to express more video on family life here in ‘The Shires’. It is very nice to meet you too. I imagine you have a software that puts text to speech. But I agree, it’s not quite the same as hearing the voices of those being portrayed. Please feel free to look in as and when a blog post is uploaded from (my big crazy family life) xx

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      1. Yes, I have a screen reader that reads the screen it reads text on the screen I mean, it’s wonderful and allows me to do so many things.

        I also have my iPhone which has VoiceOver built- in xx

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