Relaxing With The Dogs

I always seem to be standing on my feet! The time is 3.20pm and I have just decided to sit on the sofa. That would be a first time for me today.

Tara, Thor and Aaliyah are playing on the trampoline in the garden. Caleb and Amritsar are indoors watching their iPads intently. Aaliyah seems to have amassed a pile of plastic toys from their room and just plonked them all over the other end of the sofa. Now bored with whatever she had been doing earlier, I can hear her screams outside as she jumps around with her brother and sister.

I have just pushed the clonky looking objects to one side with my foot, allowing space for Gracie to get up and lie beside me. So, she jumps up, but rather than snuggle up to me, she snuggles up to the awkward looking pile of Aaliyah’s toys. Gracie really does love Aaliyah as Aaliyah loves Gracie very much. Now in the little space remaining, Remus has also jumped up, squashing me uncomfortably into the corner. I will have to get up now as it’s far too uncomfortable.

Remus is a very devoted dog. I do love him very much, for all of his whining. We all love our dogs, don’t t we?

I would like to finish this post with a few words to a lovely lady, Margie. And that is that I do hope her loving and loyal friend ‘Hank’ (the dog) gets better soon as he is off his food and is booked in to seeing the vet tomorrow.

Woof woof from Remus and Grace. We hope you get well soon Hank.

Thank you all for reading.

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

20 thoughts on “Relaxing With The Dogs”

    1. You know Anna! The bigger the children get, what with them and the dogs, there’s often no room on the sofas period! No hope for the future! They’re only getting bigger! Something I always note on the clothes dryer! We used to place 2 x items on each metal rung! (Is that a word?) now it’s one and a few pairs of nickers or socks! Oh dear! 🙃

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      1. Ha! Literally we are just starting to notice things like this ourselves. And cooking for a large family?! Since when did they start eating proper portions of everything?! Lol. Somehow we are going to survive this, Andi. (I’m not convinced the furniture will, though..)

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      2. Plenty of ingredients and the ‘Table du hôte’ menu is the norm. Damn, we do the equivalent of a full box of breakfast cereal in one sitting! A full loaf of bread for lunchtime sandwiches. I can’t imagine the appetites of 5 x teenagers!

        We will get through this as you state (we will survive), of course Anna! But as parents, we are bound to evolve exponentially in the future! Just as they do 🤔

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      3. That’s really nicely put. I am going to tell myself that, now. We are all evolving together. And yep, five teenagers is going to be intense but – as my grandmother would say – never a dull moment.

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  1. Andi, Remus is such a beautiful dog, dogs give us such unconditional love and they are such a comfort!
    Woof-woof to Remus and Gracie from my best buddy Hank.
    Thank you so much for the kind words, we got back from the vet about a half-hour ago and hurrah, Hank is just fine! 🙂
    It was a strange visit though as they took Hank in to see the Dr. without us going in and he had to be dragged in as the sweet boy did not want to leave us. LOL
    But all is well and I am so very, very happy! 🙂
    We are all sitting out in the back yard now and enjoying a beautiful day that is full of sunshine and it’s a perfect temp.
    Enjoy the rest of you day, dear Andi.

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    1. Oh, I as n s sad I relieved that it is nothing more serious. Maybe the weather hadn’t helped! Our two have only eaten half their good these last 3 days! Which is very unlike them. It is sweet that he didn’t want to leave you. Digs have such hearts 💕

      Enjoy your garden time Margie. Sending ((hugs)) and ((woofs))

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      1. Andi, yes, dogs have such hearts, when we give our hearts to dogs, we can be sure, they will never break it!
        I have loved dogs for all of my life and they have always been my best friends!
        Thank you, again, Andi for your kindness!
        Hugs and woofs back! ❤

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  2. At least Remus looks comfy. We ended up with an d couch for the dogs, and separate one for the humans, so we would have a place to sit. Too bad Grandma thinks the dog couch is where she should sit, and the puppy has to be on top of us humans. Glad I’m not the only one who’s house is semi ruled by our 4 legged friends.

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