A couple of pics I just put on Instagram (hahahahaha)!

Plus a couple that I did not! I definitely think that bloggers are a more discerning bunch! Don’t you?

The day has zipped by. Homeschooling nightmare this morning as with every Monday morning. It’s not like we pressure the children to do all four exercises. If we get through two of them, I’m happy. Thor was once again very close to expulsion.

Blazing sun in the garden this afternoon, so I managed an hour or two’s sunbathing whilst the not so famous five played on their screams, sorry screens!

A ‘mock roasty’ chicken dinner with deep fried potatoes, cooked chicken in gravy and broccoli was just enjoyed by us all as a family in the kitchen. It’s getting better you know! Mind you, Caleb did flick me with a piece of chicken breast. It stuck to my clean white tee shirt. I was not impressed! I gave him ‘the look’ so hopefully it won’t happen again.

Sat on the terrace now, they are quiet and in front of the television. John wanders around me with a work related phone call.

A red kite, of the bird variety has just swooped down on an unsuspecting pigeon at the end of the garden. And it’s gone, just a pile of features lay there in homage.

Some screaming, must go. I think that Tara has fallen out with Caleb. Oh dear.

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

22 thoughts on “A couple of pics I just put on Instagram (hahahahaha)!”

  1. Love that ending picture in the field of flowers! We have seen ospreys and hawks make off with the fish in our pond; it is something to watch them so swiftly dive down. 🙂
    And mock roasty chicken dinner or not, it sounds so fresh and good!

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    1. Tara has a beautiful spirit! And wow, hawks and ospreys poaching your goldfish! 🤔 there is something about a bird of prey and it’s majesty! Although very naughty on the ‘I’m gonna eat you’ front! Eek!
      The dinner was very tasty! I enjoy a next day ‘mock roasty’ as much as the original roast meal nowadays. Still very fresh with freshly cooked vegetables! 😋

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      1. Definitely! A year or so back I watched, mesmerised at 2 young red kites practicing their diving techniques in the children’s schools sports field! Country living had its moments for sure! 🙂

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      1. My pleasure, Andi.
        Oh, I just showed the photos to Jeff and he too thought they were adorable and he laughed a lot at the one with Thor. (he is quite a little character, huh? )

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  2. That babies face sitting with her brother had me falling out laughing. The one with the hand over the mouth as to say will you look at this mess right here…hahaha I want you to caption that one.

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  3. Such lovely pictures and yes, one or two really made me laugh. I definitely think bloggers are the best. A good blogging community (I am discovering) is a bit of a niche market but well worth having, as it sort of shapes who you are in your writing. Anyway, good observation; I think you’re right.

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    1. You are Absolutely right Anna! Bloggers out there, I have found to be a real cut above the rest. Such beautiful poetry, musings, recipes and informative guidance! You definitely don’t find that on Instagram! Have a lovely evening.

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  4. Lovely photos 😍 I can’t really get away with Instagram maybe I should make more effort with it but I think you’re right us bloggers are far more discerning 🤣

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  5. Andi
    Brilliant pictures
    I still laugh now at the middle finger picture of Thor 😂
    Hope your all well and hopefully see you all really soon

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