One Day at a Time

Wise words from a lovely reader. You know who you are! Hahahahaha.

With a partially restored Mojo, I hope all is well out there today? It is a Sunday and although I do not participate in religious goings on, there is the sound of hymns being sung on an unwatched television. Caleb and Thor are tinkering away on their screens and the girls are running ferrell in the garden. Hide and seek was being enjoyed! That is, until we couldn’t find Tara. Now found, she has just lead her sisters on a big bug hunt!

There were upsets yesterday regarding the netted bug house (a bit like a mini bird cage). Tara had taken Amritsar’s bug house from her bed without asking to borrow it! Some major screamies ensued. Anyhow, moving on. They are now playing with it together (nicely).

Today’s picture is of Amritsar playing a very early-years game of peek-a-boo. That’s kind of like hide and seek, isn’t it?

The dogs are a bit more settled now, due to the fact that they have both just eaten. Their mealtime has moved ever forward in the day to 11am. It’s an ongoing thing. You see, they’re on a 23.5 hour daily cycle, basically meaning their dinner gets earlier and earlier in the day, due to their constant whining to be fed. By the end of the summer they will no doubt be eating before they even wake up!

Oh! My notifications on my new Instagram account has just told me that I have my very first follower! Hoorah – I am in business! I have a following on Instagram of one! Woohoo!!!

I did actually participate on the insta-app a year or two back. I even had a few followers. But I gave it all up when I realised just how much time I spent on there. And with nothing to really show for it, I finally deleted my account. But this morning, I thought a new beginning! And rather than revive the old account, I chose to start afresh. And I now have one follower. Whoop-de-doo!!!

Right, there is luncheon to prepare, so I will get back to this later today! But for now, I thank you, as ever, for reading. And thank you kind people, for your uplifting comments yesterday. You know who you are!

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

9 thoughts on “One Day at a Time”

  1. Gorgeous pic and sounds like a lovely vibe in your house today. I’m not on Insta, or I’d be spamming you every day, as you know! Still getting my head round Twitter.. Slowly slowly, catch the monkey. 😉

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    1. Head is a bit fried at the moment Anna. But I have some Twitter tips for you, can we talk tomorrow on there? I think Instagram is good for pure visuals as all images and video are all on the one page! It’s incredibly addictive though and relatively little is earned in return!

      Have a lovely evening won’t you and yes, Baabaa is very cute in this picture 😊

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      1. Yes please. Love to catch up tomorrow on Twitter. Thanks a bunch; your advice is so useful. Ha! I love your comments on Insta. Although I secretly want to be in on the party but I know I take crap photography and my house is always a mess, so.. 🤷🏻‍♀️

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  2. Andi, I love the photo of Amritsar is adorable!
    Such sweet memories you have!
    My kids so loved to play peek-a-book when they were little. 🙂
    My grandson Levi now hides from us behind the curtains when we do video calls with him, we love it, when he reappears from behind the curtain, Jeff and I say “Boo”and he laughs and laughs!
    Sounds you all had fun playing hide and seek, Tara must be quite the hider!
    Rose and Nolan so love playing hide and seek , and I so miss not being able play that game with then now. (we always had so much fun, they kept their nanny young!)

    Andi, I am on Instagram but have not posted like forever but I shall definitely be following you! “)

    Always a pleasure to read your posts, Andi. 🙂
    I am off to make Sunday morning brunch, eggs, bagels with cream cheese and a bowl of fruit on the menu.
    See you later!

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    1. It’s a classic bit of fun with the toddlers, isn’t it? Hours of fun if you let it get out oh hand! Haha… I suppose Instagram just puts all of the visuals in one, eye catching place! It’s a tool I guess 😄

      Brunch sounds wonderful Margie. Enjoy and maybe chat later on.

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  3. “their dinner gets earlier and earlier in the day, due to their constant whining to be fed. By the end of the summer they will no doubt be eating before they even wake up!” This made me laugh out loud. In our home, we’re basically eating nine meals a day to help pass the time.

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