Late in The Day – What Can I Say

The children’s dinner just done! Daddy tapping away at his laptop. Gracie snuggled on the sofa besides me. Remus nowhere to be seen. Thor and Aaliyah sat opposite on the other sofa looking at daddy’s iPad. Thor shouting very loudly. Good shouting, he is happy and talking about ‘Jelly Beans’! Aaliyah looks to be in a good mood. She turns to Thor and smiles. ‘I’ve still got 11%’ she says. Must be the battery charge on the iPad. All I hear from outside in the dining hall is the theme tune to ‘My Little Pony’. However it is Tara looking on and enjoying the episode on her tablet. Aaliyah certainly has lead the crew to embrace that show. For me however – giving me a bit of a headache. Amritsar and Caleb are sat close to Tara, watching on contentedly. Now Amritsar is coming in here to plug in her tablet and watch something different. The television has thus remained silent all day long!

Remus is in fact inhabiting the spare room. I think he is thinking of it as ‘Remus’s Room’ nowadays. Ever since his exile from Daddy and Dadda’s room, he has been hanging out up there, like a moody teenager. I think that he finds the relative organised chaos of the children a little too much sometimes. Gracie on the other hand still loves Aaliyah’s occasional hugs, at least one every hour! So she generally stays close to the family hub.

I am just thinking, I have completely forgotten what day it is! That’s bad isn’t it?

Weather not great. Still grey, though a few moments of sunshine today.

Oh! Look whose just swooned into the living room! Remus! Now what does he want I ask myself!

Thor has just asked me to video him! Just why, I really don’t know. He is a funny boy!

Thanks for looking in.

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

14 thoughts on “Late in The Day – What Can I Say”

  1. In French we have this saying: “famille nombreuse, famille heureuse.” Your family definitely embraces that. Always love your posts.

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  2. Your boy makes me smile. 🙂
    He is indeed funny!
    Speaking of days, I woke up this morning asking my better-half, ‘what day is it?’ LOL
    The sun is shining here and it’s a perfect spring day!
    My best to all of you, Andi.

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    1. Do you know Margie! I didn’t ask anyone and I still don’t know what day it is! Hahahahaha. That is funny. As is Remus. He’s now settled for a bit! Daddy and Dadda’s dinner to beg for, maybe dessert. Then peace… finally peace (until the morning at least) 😀

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      1. Wow – a strawberry patch! You are very lucky to have that Margie. Sadly ours are imported from Spain and yield relatively little sweetness from their ploy tunnels in the sun… we wait for our local ones, full of sweetness, the real taste of summer! 😋


      2. Yes, Andi, we are lucky! We planted the patch four years ago and they are so amazingly sweet!
        Soon you will be enjoying the sweet taste of your local strawberries. 🙂

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