Lazy Saturday Afternoon’s

Tara and Thor watching the new Trolls movie intently. Bloody £16 just to rent. I guess with no cinemas it came straight to Amazon.

Aaliyah watching ‘My Little Pony’ on her tablet.

Amritsar sat on the sofa glued to her screen.

Caleb has just downed his screen and skipped out to join Daddy on the sofa on the terrace, smiling merrily to himself.

You know the problem with writing a diary entry like this? The setting is continuously evolving!

Earlier, we all enjoyed a lunch of beef chilli con carne (just who made up that name?) with rice and I am about to prepare a pesto pasta salad for them with chicken and ham for dinner.

There was talk earlier about cornering Caleb and giving him a trim, but a bit late in the day now, perhaps tomorrow.

Very warm outside but I believe the temperature is set to drop significantly overnight by around 10 degrees (centigrade). So, no garden tomorrow sadly.

Aaliyah is now cavorting over the sofa, she does that quite a lot. In fact it’s one of the reasons that we started her at gymnastics class last year. Though she chose to stop the lessons way before the lockdown, she has said that she wanted to restart them as Tara began to show an interest. Then Amritsar and Thor also showed an interest! Thinking about it, I really can’t imagine Thor doing a cartwheel in a skin tight leotard! Perish the thought.

Very quickly, on the subject of Thor, he has just removed his trousers and underpants after going for a pee and sustaining a ‘miss fire’ all the way down his right leg. Oh dear. Better find him new attire.

A bit later now and our not so famous five are sat with daddy partaking in a family ‘Zoom’ video-call to Dublin. It’s cousin James’s Birthday you see. The cats choir have just sung happy birthday, not one of them singing in tune, including daddy! It will be an uphill fight to get them all singing at a later date! I think the Von Traps need not worry.

Okay, dinner to sort out as the video call has just finished. Amritsar now shouting loudly for ‘a snack’! Really, come on guys – the amount of times they do this just before a meal!

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

12 thoughts on “Lazy Saturday Afternoon’s”

  1. Someone shout Action over there! There is always something going on. Absolute best times with the family though. Oh and that chilli sounds really good too. I usually have a bit of cheese and sour cream in mines but that rice sounds good too. 🍛 hungry anyone?

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    1. Why thank you JJ – Camera, lights… !!!

      And like you, I live chilli… though I usually just sprinkle with grated cheddar, the sour cream sounds very good. 😋 and you’ve got me thinking of food and it’s only 7.30am. A time I always abstain! Naughty you… well, I’ll look forward to lunch. John heading out to supermarket in a while! Charcuterie maybe a BBQ for dinner. 🤫

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      1. Oooh BBQ but so much heartburn haha Who am I kidding. Everything gives me heartburn haha I’ll still eat it.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Awww get going with that! Mine are self taught piano and it’s actually quite cool how far they can go.. 👍

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  2. Andi, I always so enjoy your updates on your family!
    How did Tara and Thor like the movie?
    That is a nice photo of the coziness of the family, love the faces of Remus and Gracie. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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