Little Dadda and His Friend

Little Dadda has existed for maybe 3 years now, a pass me down gift of Batman’s cave and a ‘bat’boat. This gift included 4 or 5 small plastic characters. Thank you auntie Sara for that. There was no batman however (who cares), just the instantly hailed ‘little dadda’ and friends. Now, all of the children have played with him lots over these years. He disappears for months on end and every now and again they scream ‘little dadda, we’ve found little Dadda’. He originally came with sunglasses and a small jazz beard. They, like all children have chewed his head, legs, arms, umpteenth times. His painted on glasses are gone, though the little beard remains. I was quite moved this morning when I found out that Thor had brought him and his astronaut friend down and placed them on the kitchen sink. He had positioned their hands as so in the photo. He piped up ‘little dadda, I’ve found little Dadda, I brought him down for you Dadda’. I smiled!

Quite late in the day now, not a lot has happened really. We are contemplating another lΕ«’au sometime this week as our last attempt failed miserably on the blow up palm tree front! So, I have since purchased a real pineapple (we’re not trashy) and a few Hawaiian garlands to dress the scene. Kind of sunny today, but a bit blustery. If tomorrow shows us the rays! Move over Elvis, we are gonna need some room!

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

18 thoughts on “Little Dadda and His Friend”

  1. Andi, it’s the little things that our children do that can touch our hearts the most!
    “Little dadda, I’ve found little dadda, I brought him down for you dadda.”
    That is a memory for keeping from Thor. πŸ™‚

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  2. Oh, I find this incredibly touching too! And something about little dadda’s long history in your family, being passed down through all the children. Love it. One of my favourite posts.

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    1. Brilliant! We also missed a Lū’au when we went 3 years ago. Mind you we came back via San Francisco and I headed for Haight and Ashbury (birth place of the hippy movement) and hunted around the retro clothes stores to buy original 50’s Hawaiian shirts! Sadly the ones I saw in Hawaii were, wait for it… made in China 😞

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      1. Haha… I knew you would have been a considerate and thoughtful shopper πŸ˜‰ mind you, John was happy with the Chinese made one. It did come with a matching mini me one for Caleb though 🀣

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