The Swinging 20’s

No, I am not talking of the 1920’s, rather these present day 2020’s. But am I referring to frozen strawberry daiquiri’s on the terrace or ‘The Swing’? Or indeed both!

Post dinner time now, the children all reunited with their screens. A simple family roast chicken meal with roast potatoes, braised Savoy cabbage and sweet butter roast carrots. Almost time for bed. Sorry, gotta go, Caleb on the loo screaming for me to go wipe his bum! How glamorous these swinging, roaring 20’s are, hey!

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

22 thoughts on “The Swinging 20’s”

    1. Lol… absolutely Kristie. It’s something I rarely mention! Just Caleb now re the no 2’s. Thor and Aaliyah seem to have mastered it. Fabbo. And once the 2 boys are past night nappies/diapers! Plain sailing haha…

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  1. Yeap, when I start working on my bucket list I’m comin your way just to eat…and meet this Caleb hahaha. Oh your not so small pups. Every time, I see them I think of the 101 Dalmations movie. “Cruella Daville, Cruella Daville” 🎶

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      1. Oh my, oh my! That was a wonderful read. The slight delay was due to John insisting that we watch the end of a movie! Which is weird as he is never t try get bossy!

        I loved your answers very much. You have lived In many states JJ. Alaska must have been quite a challenge. Well, regarding the piercing – ouch. They take absolutely ages to heal… I only know that as I also took that step many years ago! Who would have known! Lol

        The book sounded like a real possibility. You have a lot to give JJ. And as a gal with a journal, there is plenty of time to edit through the storylines of life, even the loves… but wow, independent for 12 years. We have so many stories to tell (or hide).

        I really thank you for the candor and the kind words about lil ole me and my my loved ones playing it out at

        You are a great writer. I am glad that you started to express this within your blog. I can’t believe just 2 months now. You must keep it up and like you do, bring the beauty of your uniqueness into the ether of worldpress…

        Getting late here now. Too many typos! It’s like corrective text has it out for me!

        I respect you and am glad you are giving your views here on this forum JJ.

        Thank you and just carry on enjoying yourself and your writing. The passion shows through…

        Night Night!

        P.s. I hate corrective text!!! It’s speaking a different language… lol

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      2. You stayed up quite late. Lol but you are fabulous and I love it that you took time to read my post. It was very interesting to really sit back and think about me. Hmm. That was fun. Learning every day about each other. Most of this is typed up on my phone. I really need to get me an ipad or laptop or something. Birthday present or Christmas present I think. Well, I’ll be talking to ya tomorrow.

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