33 thoughts on “Afternoon Play With JJ’s ‘Pie Man’ Game”

  1. How great for the kids to have so much space to run around in! I’m not sure if they followed the rules, haha, but that was what made this video so charming. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Oh dear! When someone wants to be a different pie it’s.. you know.. serious. We love this game although I’m going to need to look up the rules. All my kids got from the video is “I want that swing!”

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    1. Lol. Thank you Anna. It was a fun 15 if you exclude a few of the tantrums! Thor does make me laugh with his ballistic running! And yes, we love the swing too, though a friends child came to play last year and left with a black eye. 😑 oops!

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  3. That was so much fun to watch!
    And you have a huge garden for them to race in!!

    “I want to be a different pie” had me laughing so much!!

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  4. Aaaaaahhh like I literally screamed from my bed when I saw this….I absolutely loved it. You took me back down memory lane….hahahahaha and by the way we always had a Caleb. Love em. I’m not playing! haha that was awesomeness and they had FUN. Big Hugs…

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    1. Ooh JJ… we kind of got the rules, but not sure if we played it right! Tara bring moody with Amritsar (our wolf) didn’t help. We will definitely be playing this one again and again! Do how did you remember all if the pies when you were the ‘pie man’? We just seemed to shout a lot! 🤪hahaha. Thank you for this one! Lol

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      1. Haha yeah it could get pretty crazy that’s why we loved it. Plus, we thought the wolf was cheating all of the time by changing the route from time to time. Also, when the wolf had to pay he/she never really counted to our age…so we would just take off like your babies did haha we had a blast and so will they. Wait till I tell you how we did story time. That was fun too.

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      2. Yeap, the wolf has to always pay the pie man. But since we couldn’t come up with how much we just said the age of each person would be the cost. So pie man get ready to hold out your hand because the wolf has to slap your hand that many times…. loud and clear and when he gets to the number the pie better be ready to take off…hahaha that’s the game. You guys did great! Great way to incorporate math and exercise. Heehee

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      3. Oh and story time can be done at bed time or anytime but one person starts by saying, “Once upon a time…” they go through a story about whatever and then stop at anywhere, then someone else picks up where they left off and keeps the story going. The story continues until someone says the end. Imagination is the key and your stories end up like those pick the next scene books. You may have to help the young ones. 😉

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      4. Yeap, Hahaha We were crazy kids who turned into crazier adults. We had gamea called Trolls and everything jumped into ditches to save humanity and everything. If I don’t know anything else, I know how to keep kids entertained.

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      5. Trolls! Very topical sounding game. Tara is so desperate to watch the new movie. But we always wait for 6 months when it’s either on Netflix or the price has tumbled, much like you kids in the ditch, saving the world! Lol, that’s great! Thank you for doing that for us all JJ. 😉

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