I recently reserved diaryofagaydad.net – just in case you couldn’t remember my blog address andiwebb.net and this new web address should get you to the same place – I just gave it a go and I found myself looking back at me. Now, why am I sharing this information? I guess because I am thinking about what is in a description? To be honest, I thought that it wouldn’t hurt to connect the description of what my blog and diary is, to the website itself. When I ‘google’ Andi Webb, some other person comes up as being with my name! However if I ‘google’ or ‘bing’ diary of a Gay Dad, andiwebb.net comes up at the top of the list. And as much as I am okay that my name and spelling of it is shared by a number of people and indeed there are also many gay dads out there who blog, I appreciate that it is my blog that you have come to read!

So, can I take this moment to thank everyone of my readers who take a few moments out of their hectic lives to hear about what’s going on, here in the Shires.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH (more tomorrow).

Spin, Spin, Spin

I did say in an earlier diary entry that I would show you Remus, doing what he does best! And here he is whirling like a Dervish. At present he is sat beside me on the sofa, as is Gracie, looking a lot more chilled. The children have just gone up for a shower with Sindy, before going to bed. Remus has just let out an almighty sigh and is nuzzling his nose into the corner of the sofa. It’s a hard life for a dog isn’t it.

The Sudocrem Incident

So, the big question is, did the peace of earlier last? We are nearing the end of the day and an amnesty has just been granted to the little ones regarding earlier behaviour! I needed to print something from the P.C. In the bedroom. I can’t have been gone for more that ten minutes. But I was recalled to the living room firstly by Amritsar and then a slightly more frantic Tara. ‘The little ones have the sudocrem’ Tara asserted, ‘you must come back down quickly’. I dropped what I was doing and bolted down the stairs with haste. On entering the living room I spied a naked Caleb, his bottom and back smeared with sudocrem (an oily cream used for nappy rash). There had been a half hearted attempt to clean up the mess as baby wipes were scattered aplenty. But there was a good amount of incriminating sudocrem over Thor’s hands, the floor, their large cushion in front of the television, plus smears over chairs and tables alike. Caleb was immediately placed on ‘the thinking chair’, swiftly followed by Thor. Aaliyah looked as guilty as sin. Tara piped up, ‘it was her, it was her that gave Thor the sudocrem’. As the ignition of such an event, she was immediately expelled to her bed. All three were screaming and the girls continued to tell them that they were so, so naughty. To be honest, I had to walk into the hall to catch my breath. Mrs Snodgrass’s Naughty School was mentioned more than once and all three pleaded ‘no Dadda, please – not Mrs Snodgrass’. The boys remained on the chairs for thirty minutes and Aaliyah was finally asked to rejoin them before I explained that they have until bedtime to prove that they can be good. Well almost bedtime now, a few ups and downs, but overall they have made amends. So I am happy that our nanny Sindy is in tomorrow to ask them if they had been good on her day off. We’ll see what they say shall we?

Self Managment

Coming in from the garden earlier, I had quite a surprise! The children were actually managing themselves. Google was playing them an age appropriate song and Thor was stood over her poised to silence her. The dancing came to a stop and they all stood still and giggled. Thor ‘MC’ started up the music once more and they all started dancing and jumping again. Musical statues with no adult intervention. They are growing up so fast – what a cliche!

Caleb ripped off his nappy earlier, thinking that I wouldn’t notice. But Aaliyah shouted ‘Dadda, Dadda, Caleb took his nappy off’, one of them always reports on the other if they are being naughty.

No Sindy today and so far, no major dramas. We are all at the table doing drawing and stencilling at present. Thor is drawing treasure chests and Aaliyah is screaming for more paper. Amritsar is now screaming at Aaliyah for drawing on her book. I spoke too soon didn’t I?

Moon Bathing

I believe that tomorrow night is the full moon at its peak for this month. However given the cloudless skies in the Shires this evening, I have just spent the last twenty minutes, taking the time to admire its evocative glare. Here in the crystal clarity of the countryside, with the lack of artificial light, the garden is illuminated with a frenzy of sparkles, that is dreamlike in its lustre. The woodland beyond has taken on a magical, almost fairylike feel. Okay, I’ve finished my cigarette now and I am heading back inside for a glass of white wine.

John was home a bit late, we enjoyed yet another Indian meal and the children enjoyed toad in the hole – ‘why is it not called sausage in the hole’ Tara remarked! And dessert was apple strudel with double cream. This they have asserted, would be acceptable every night of the week. Hmmmm – we’ll see about that!

Everyone happy here, as I hope you out there are. But if you are not entrapped by the glare of the city, spend a minute out there and moon bathe for a few moments. It can be very contemplative.

Birthday Boy

Sorry for my absence of four days. No major disturbances or an awful lot to shout about really. Though that being said, we (John and I) went out in London on Friday night – a surprise meal to celebrate my birthday, that is in fact today. We grabbed the number 9 bus and headed for the Aldwych. By the time we stopped on the Strand, I guessed that it had to be ‘The Savoy’ we were dining at. So, thank you John for the special treat, the food was great. We didn’t celebrate Valentines Day on Valentine’s Day! Shame on us for not. But we chose to celebrate it last night with a seafood feast. Please note the picture above. Tara practiced a new word and insisted on me videoing it ‘Langoustines’, she got there in the end. Please note the video below! I am now looking forward to Birthday cake. It’s a hard life. And thank you to anyone who Facebooked me their birthday wishes. I promise to be back tomorrow with another diary update.

The Boys New Haircuts

Now, don’t they look smart? Thor is loving his more manly look and Caleb doesn’t seem too bothered about loosing some of the length at the back. It seemed a shame to cut too much off from his curly locks, but some day I think we will just have to bite the bullet, as I think he still regards himself as a girl. This last week or so he has both been referring to himself as a ‘she’ and asserting how much he likes the colour pink. Thor was telling the teachers at preschool that he likes dressing up as a girl and wearing Tara’s nickers. This might just be the reason that he is continually shedding his nappy, with or without poo inside. This transgression might happen when they are up on their floor without an adult present, but it certainly does not bode well with John or myself downstairs. It’s difficult to know what to think. But thanks to Thor, all of the women at preschool are now well aware of the situation. Maybe those golden, curly locks, days are numbered…