The Party and The Aftermath

The biggest birthday cake I have ever made. Yes four layers opposed to my usual three. Home made chocolate ganache and not just home made black current jelly, but home grown, homemade black current jelly lavishly spread between each layer.

Sindy our nannies preparations for the party were amazing and all children and adults had an amazing time, particularly down to having a very formidable children’s entertainer for two of the three hours… that was yesterday. Sally (Sindy’s sister) gave them Cat Boy and Unicorn costumes and the party began and finished well.

You might see in this next video how nicely piled and ordered the children’s gifts were. And 10 out of 10 for Tara’s bubble making – she has a real finesse when it comes to making bubbles, much to Amritsar’s envy.

Okay, it’s been a very long day today. But this next photo shows you what I awoke to. John has allowed them to play in the garden before I arose and this is what I came down to!

This was just the beginning. I managed to tidy up as the day progressed, again and again, in different areas, but it was like a landslide, completely fighting against the laws of nature and physics. By 1pm I had had enough and escaped to the bedroom for an hours rest bite. What I returned on was a house, completely trashed… whoever gave the sticky mosaic craft gift, well I would like to know your name as I will gladly reciprocate in good time. The sticky mosaics are everywhere. I am reminded of the forensic tidy and clean up after the kinetic sand incident. It’s now late and John has just managed to get them into their jimjams and up to bed. I have locked myself in our bedroom, refusing to see anyone or say goodnight to anyone at this point. I feel like a broken man. I do not want to venture back to the ground floor due to the amount of mess, destruction and chaos that still remains there. I completely give up and prefer not to leave the relative sanctity of my bedroom. I am sure that I will update you to the situation tomorrow and can only celebrate in the idea that this is the last birthday party in our immediate family for the next six months. Enough is enough, today I really draw the line.

Happy 4th Birthday Aaliyah and Caleb

Yes, today our youngest twins Aaliyah and Caleb turn 4 years old. The 4 sponge cake is sat in front of me awaiting a coating of home made fudge icing. It’s layers lavishly saturated with not just home made black current jelly, but home grown! Pics to follow later. The party is set for 4 o’clock in the Garden. The sun is shining and it feels like summer. Thirty children due with their respective parent in tow. That’s all for now folks – the lull before the storm no doubt!

Minty and it’s connotation’s

The fresh smell of mink is wafting through the house. A crazed afternoon of chop and stash, with the profusion of wild mint that was growing around the front door! How it seeded and then grew aplenty is anyone’s guess – but grow it did. Last year I left it too late and it went to seed and died off. But this year I took a decision of wisdom and cut it back whilst it was in its prime. The food dehydrator doesn’t know what has hit it! Now drying batch 2 of 3, the whirring of the motor can be heard loudly in the living room. The freshest aroma – intoxicating. Now back to a handsome memory whilst with a good friend Suzanne. At one of her party’s in Soho, London where she lived, myself and John were introduced to a lovely lady who rented one of those ‘Models Apartments’ close to Old Compton Street. I’m not quite sure if she lived up to her name, but Minty was actually quite a nice lady!

p.s. All of the children are now fully acclimatised to fresh mint toothpaste. That strawberry cheesecake flavour was vile…

Homeward Bound

The mini holiday at an end and we are just joining the M4 at Bristol. Should be home around 6.20 then the preparation for bedtime. Has it been a a relaxing getaway? Probably not – but have we confirmed our two week summer holiday in North Cornwall? Yes, 2 weeks of full on holiday mayhem to follow. More on that at the time.

Aaliyah now screaming profusely behind me. Daddy loosing his temper and I have just had to raise my voice. Dadda’s getting ‘one of his heads’ – oh dear. Roll on August (remember to pack paracetamol)…