The Full Moon Passed

What with all of the talk this month of the 50th anniversary of the lunar landings, plus the partial lunar eclipse here in the U.K. I find it strange that I have not mentioned the ‘Full Moon’ cycle! I guess with last months subscription to ‘Kindle Unlimited’ (and the month prior) prohibiting the electronic publication of ‘Eighteen Moons’ on any other platform, including this my diary, I have decided not to continue with the subscription from early August. This will once again allow me to publish the ‘Saga’ (one chapter per month) on here at least. The exercise of joining Kindle Select has found ‘Eighteen Moons’ an additional 1000+ readers and I suppose that can’t be a bad thing. And for you guys, please don’t forget that the paperback and ebook version of the story is still available through your Amazon account, simply by searching ‘Eighteen Moons’.

This brings me to another admission. And that is the near completion of my second novel ‘Twelve Moons More’ and that is the compilation, organisation and editing of this blog, a year in the life of ‘Diary of a Gay Dad’. I did not think that it was enough, just to tell the story of how my family came to be through such diversity, heartache and commitment, I thought that it was really important to catalogue and relay to you the story of just who we are today and to see what we have grown into – The loving family that we are.

This is an interesting time. These past twelve Months have taken us from being a fairly chaotic bunch of little people, post baby and toddler stage, to a family of five young children (now between the ages of 4 and 6) having begun or about to take their ‘School Years Experience’. This coming chapter will ultimately help define them all and begin to fine tune their futures.

We have the Summer holidays to survive first, so fingers crossed. Okay, my blog started back in October 2018, so it is only fitting that ‘Twelve Moons More’ will take us up to the end of September. The conclusion of my new novel will see them take their first tentative steps into the realm of their first true independence as School children, as it were, no longer tied to mothers or in this case ‘Dadda’s apron strings’!

And then what, I really don’t know…

Thor Has Joined the Mantle of Doing ‘No 1’s’ Standing

An unreported story of some four weeks back. Whilst visiting a friends home, Thor being a bit taller than a few months ago, asked if he could do the ‘boys grown up pee pee’? ‘I don’t see why not’ I exclaimed!

So one very proud little boy took his first steps to becoming a ‘big boy’. He was so very proud of himself. As we were of him.

A lot of parenting is about experiencing the ‘first time ‘ for everything. So many moments to remember and still so many to come…

What a Weekend

Where did it go! What with MiMi impaled on one of the twins birthday presents and later submerged in water for some time, he now sits within the washing machine waiting for an eco wash and spin.

Only two videos posted over the last 2 days. And now, a few words of reflection. Saturday saw just me with the children. John was in Dublin for the day to be with his mum and sisters. We’re all thinking of you Hazel X.

So, our day had its ups and downs. We started with on a fairly somber tone with no Daddy to play up to. All was calm for most of the day. After a pasta lunch, tablets were allowed. So a trancelike state was enjoyed for maybe two hours. And then we had the spontaneous ‘Crazy Kids’ outbreak of the run around the sofa. Strangely they settled into bed without bother. No doubt due to the sheer exhaustion of their earlier antics. John arrived home around 9.30pm and dinner was a simple affair of dressed crab on sourdough toast. If I have learnt anything in the last couple of years – it’s fine to purchase pre-picked crab meat! Lol, I used to always pick my own, buying whole frozen or fresh Cromer Crabs and working up a sweat to extract every morsel of meat! Well, you live and learn don’t you?

Sunday saw an early rise and the moans of ‘can we build the swimming pool, can we build the swimming pool’? Yes, thank you to our relations in Ireland for the gift of a non inflatable pool. I believe the pool cost around £70, but the heating element (not included) was a sum, three times more! Anyhow, John gave in at around 10am and set about the mammoth task of building this summers all important pool. We have had one every summer for the last three years. Usually large and inflatable and broken before the autumnal fall. Here’s to lots of summer fun and frolics. I’ll keep you posted.

Did I say that Caleb disappeared upstairs just before dinnertime? He reappeared wearing a pink tutu and started to do the groove! On this I have no official comment, only that he looked very happy and at the age of 4 years old – that’s enough for me.

Aaliyah and Thor had their fair share of outbursts. But overall the day was a pleasure. The sun finally blessed us for the latter hours, so chicken nuggets and chips were enjoyed on the terrace before bath time and bed.

Monday morning now and it feels like the weekend has once again flashed by. The children now at school and I sit here, the dogs chilled besides me on the sofa. There’s a second crab sat in the fridge (pre-picked in the shell). I’m thinking ‘Maryland Crab-cakes’ for dinner. The little ones are back at lunchtime. I’m trying to think if Thor is eating cheese this week, or is it ham that he hates at the moment! You should have heard the drama a couple of weeks ago at preschool when he had a packed lunch. I had accidentally put in Aaliyah’s marmite sandwiches opposed to his Jam sandwiches in his lunchbox! The drama that ensued. He’s not an easy boy when it comes to lunchtimes…