Rounding off the Week

With the week almost at an end, apologies for my relative silence. What with a tooth ache and another cold that seems pretty ferocious, I end the week with a snotty nose, tooth ache and a general feeling of fatigue. We have had our moments, both ups and downs. No pun intended on Caleb really going for it in the video I posted. We were all so surprised, his vigorous stomach crunching came completely out of the blue! We have always played the game of sitting on a lap, holding on and hanging upside down for a bit until returning to an upright position. But Caleb certainly brought things to another level.

The little ones are at present upstairs, refusing to have their little nap until 2pm. I have been up twice now – first time spent getting Caleb back in his nappy, after him peeing on the bathroom floor and splashing Thor’s snowman toy. At least with him back in a nappy, Sindy won’t come into a big shock when she returns. I did say that their nap time won’t be forever. Sometimes they snooze, but others they just won’t settle. I might have a another look up in a minute.

Aaliyah had a small poo incident this morning. Her nighttime nappy was off and her bedding was covered, so Sindy marched her into the shower rather briskly.

I’m looking forward to the weekend. Who knows what may be in store. I’ll keep my diary posted. And hoping yours is a good one too!

T and A’s Baby Pics

Okay, it has been a while (like a couple of years since my Sony Vaio packed up) and the replacement external hard drive casing was rubbish – it simply didn’t work. Another ‘made in china’ disappointment, so apologies for great Japanese design (Toshiba hard drive) and a reality check that it is always down to the weakest link – the Chinese made casing.

Okay, let’s get a few paragraphs down about what that computer hard drive has held for these last six years. Photos of course, pictures of the girls as babies and videos aplenty. Now our other guys (as small new borns) are all represented on my iPhone, thanks to the cloud concept, a new iPhone downloads your previous phones data. But the girls baby pics were backed up on my old Sony laptop – And today we retrieved all of the memories.

I was honest, reactionary and truthful. We sat there for an hour or so and were aghast with each and every file (full of baby pics) that we opened.

Too many memories flooded back for me, yet it was all new and exciting for our two beautiful daughters who are about to celebrate their sixth birthday. Time has flown by and yet, I always seem to coexist with the memories of it all.

It wasn’t always like that – when I returned from India five years ago – all I wanted was to forget those agonising reminders of the anguish I had to go through to get our girls home. But we did get home after eight long months. And here we are, a very happy family, filled with affection for one and other. Gonna well up soon – so these are a couple of our long lost pics of the girls and I when they were about seven months old, stranded in Mumbai.

Flying Home

With my Hungarian Dental assessment over, I am at present, sat at Budapest airport, awaiting my flight home. I have missed the family tremendously and can’t wait to see everyone. I will have to come back here in four weeks time for the work to be carried out. Did I say that I am hoping to come back with John and make a long weekend, city break of it? Not that I saw much of the city on this occasion, my hotel room and the dentist Chair were the highlights. Anyhow, I just purchased fridge magnets and wooden eggs for the children. Aren’t last minute gifts always a nightmare! Plus you are rather limited in what you buy, when being a skinflint! With purchasing tourist tat for five – you have to limit yourself with a budget and thirty euros was mine! I just started sneezing aplenty, I can’t wait for the three year old cold to dissipate over the summer months when the little ones are off from preschool… more later.

The Tooth Fairy’s First Visit

What with all that has been going on, I forgot to mention our first visit from the tooth fairy. Whilst John and I were basking in the sunshine of Brighton over the weekend. Back at home, our clan went for a walk in the woods with our nanny Sindy. And as they had walked for some time, provisions were dispensed on the way home in the guise of chocolate hobnobs, you know, to restore energy levels and all of that. Amritsar’s bottom front left tooth has been loose for around a week. So we were expecting the inevitability of the tooth fairy’s visit, but sadly we were not here for the actual moment of the loss of the tooth. Anyhow, the chocolate hobnob was enough to release the said tooth from Amritsar’s mouth. Sindy immediately texted us with a photo and we stared in awe of the little space at the bottom of her jaw.

Now isn’t there a saying that for every door that closes, a window opens? And for sure there was! Personally, I do t remember a lot about the process of loosing teeth in favour or our second set as a little one, but just behind the hole that has replaced Amritsar’s lost baby tooth is a very pronounced ‘Big Tooth’, that she will live with from this day hence…

John did a grand job sneaking upstairs on Sunday night to replace the tooth under the pillow with a shiny, one pound coin! To be honest, I think she was expecting more, what with inflation. But we are going to have many, many more visits from the tooth fairy over the next few of years of course. So, they will have to accept that one pound is sufficient and we will have to perfect our stealth abilities won’t we?

Frosty Blossoms

As the picture will assert, I am not talking about a rather busty porn star, rather this mornings weather, here in ‘The Shires’. However the chilly frost soon gave way to a cloudless sky. Tara is presently at film club and Amritsar has joined Sindy and the little ones at the park, to wait until Tara is ready for home at 4pm. The weather is a sweet 17 degrees and the sky is deep blue in its hue. Springtime is edging its way and the local crocus and daffodils are all in full bloom. With a late Easter this year and this early warm spell, I think the daffodils will be but a memory by the time the little ones are enacting their ‘Easter Parade’ at preschool.

We finally got home yesterday at 1.30pm and The guys ran amuck pretty much until bedtime. Sindy had showered the three little ones that morning, so there were just the girls to shower before bed. We both had an early night, given the great time that was had in Brighton at out friends wedding. Thank you both (Victoria and Glen). Hopefully we can meet up and make a weekend of things when the Summer is here proper. It was nice to see Remus’s son Fenton in Brighton as he is part of their family. He’s just as ‘Crazy’ as Remus – for that they have my sincerest admiration. Dalmatians are not an easy breed, but definitely one of the most loveable. Sending big hugs…