Go Straight To Jail

Do not pass go, do not collect £200. But did they earn a ‘Get Out Of Jail Free’ card? Well, after a home made lunch of potato and watercress soup and freshly baked baguette, smothered with butter, we were not exactly starving. A trip upstairs made by myself and John out in the garden for fifteen minutes left the ‘Fruit Bowl’ unguarded. A shout upstairs from Amritsar asking for an apple for each of them was followed by a ‘Yes’ reply from myself. Ten minutes later I returned to Thor and Caleb munching down on two bananas. The floor, scattered with skins. I could make an ‘ooh ooh aah aah’ joke at this point, but I won’t! ‘You asked for apples’ I said. We only ate apples our three girls piped up. ‘And what about the boys’ I inquired. Both could not reply for mouths completely bloated with banana. I looked at the full fruit bowl, now slimmed down to just four ‘ripening’ pears – the apples and bananas were gone. ‘Who ate the bananas’ I inquired? ‘Thor and Caleb’ Tara replied (she’s very good like that). I won’t script the rest of the conversation, but the boys were told that for eating all five bananas between them (after their apples) and denying the girls of their bananas, the boys would have no dinner tonight! ‘But I’m hungry’ Thor piped up ‘I’m still hungry’ he concluded. I explained that there are always consequences in what we do and that just taking things was not allowed in our house.

However. Thor was adorable this afternoon and Caleb was less naughty than his average weekend day, so I think they earned their ‘get out of jail free’ card. Hence they enjoyed a smokey bacon spag-bol with trottole vert and a snowstorm of Parmesan cheese. All in bed now, but I’m still hearing the occasional scuttling of tiny feet on the bare wooden floors. Nite nite.

Day 6 of Being Good for Aaliyah


Last Monday Aaliyah was told that if she could be good for a week, she could have her very own iPad (Amazon Fire 7). Thus far she has indeed been a very, very good girl. A couple of grumples along the way – but we are up to a very impressive day 6. She does in fact have to keep this up until after the MayDay holiday. Tara has been ‘Binge Watching some ninety episodes of ‘Dragons’ and this has allowed Aaliyah to play with Tara’s tablet. She has worked out a lot of the games and seems to be enjoying the learning aspect. She has definitely grown up a lot in these last 6 months. If she makes it to Tuesday morning, there will be a brand new tablet with a purple case sat for her at the breakfast table. The 8 days of being good must not stop there as she will have to continue this streak of good behaviour in order to actually spend time on her brand new iPad! I think we’ve got this sussed… hehe.

Remus – Our First Born

Yes tonight is a pictorial memory – Did I mention that I had a Sony Vaio Laptop that died all of a sudden a few years ago? Well I recently retrieved some important memories of my time in Mumbai with the girls. On that said laptop we also had pictures of our ‘First Born’ Remus. He was our ‘Boy’. A strong willed pup with an inquisitive character and an absolutely stunning look to him. His father was a ‘best of breed’ at Crufts the previous year to his birth. ‘A Show Stopper’ for sure. You make your own mind up?

That’s it for tonight. Just in from a great evening at ‘The Woodspeen’ restaurant, a rather enjoyed favourite of ours. Nikki our babysitter has just left – we are considering a movie before bedtime. Let’s hope we can decide on a title! Choosing a movie with John is not a simple matter.

Divisive Devices

The kitchen is now enjoying music – and the weather forecast if I but ask! You must have guessed. I’ve been unfaithful to ‘Google’ in the living room and I am now smooching with ‘Alexa’ in the kitchen. Naughty Dadda – huh! At present I am alone. Well that’s if you exclude ‘Alexa’. Listening in, working out, getting smarter, preparing for sentience and ultimate world domination. Ha ha, but hasn’t Jeff Bazos already done that! Sorry – must go ‘Google’ is calling me in from the living room!