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This company was set up to help launch my trilogy of books into bookshops. My name is Andi, and I am the self-published author of Eighteen Moons, Thirteen Moons More and Many Moons Before. Three memoirs of ‘My Life’. I then went on to edit all three stories into one volume, ‘My Life’, by Nobody in Particular. You, me, her, him, just a life lived.

So, here I was with four titles, and a yearning to see this work on the shelves of bookstores and available through libraries. Publishing these titles on Amazon was not going to do this for me!

At this point, you can take the information that I share and go and become a publishing house yourselves. Or you can consider re-publishing your self-published memoire or biography through us, My Life Publishing. A lot less trouble and just a small fee to get your work a wider circulation and out of the digital world of self-publishing. Don’t worry, your printed book will remain on Amazon, and you will have sole rights to all of your Amazon sales.

First of all, we need to see if your book is up to the high industry standards of British book sellers. To do this we will have your manuscript proofread and reviewed. For this there is a fee of two hundred pounds. If the script shows potential, we will publish you. We cannot recover this fee.

Next, we will liaise with you and designate you with a ‘My Life Publishing’ ISBN number. The remaining fee of four hundred pounds is now due. This is the price we charge you for being mainstream, or traditionally published. The company needs to have a turnover after all!

Now is the time to unpublish your paperback title on Amazon, before we re-publish (on Amazon) your book with your new ISBN number. Your new paperback version of your book will initially appear on its own separate page, away from the e-book, and it will seem like you have lost any previous Amazon reviews. Though your reviews will remain with your e-book. After a couple of weeks, the Amazon system will re-unify your newly republished paperback with your e-book and those all-important reviews.

You are entering into a deal with My Life Publishing, solely with your Paperback / Hardback title outside of Amazon. Your e-book remains untouched.

My Life Publishing now lists your title on the UK and Ireland’s official book register. We cannot distribute your title without this listing. A basic listing on the register just holds information such as title, author name, book size and ISBN number. However, your listing page will hold ‘enhanced’ information that will describe your book through its blurb and 2 x reviews. These can be your 2 new book reviews, or any earlier reviews achieved on the Amazon platform.

At this time, you will also be required to print (through Amazon) 100 author copies and forward them to us. This will be the initial stock holding, that is now available for a wider distribution. Later, books will need to be printed on demand, and this will be guided by sales.

I now need you to consider a few sums, and I would like you to note a few things…

Bookshops stock your book on a sale or return basis!

So, I am going to put this to you as basically as possible. A book’s retail price – let’s say ten pounds is divided into three. The printing cost is about 25%, the bookshop percentage is 50%, leaving the remaining 25% for the author/publisher/distributer. (That’s us by the way!)

Now, it is possible to do all of the distribution through the offices of My Life Publishing as it is possible for retailers to make orders through the UK Books register. But this would not be practical.

All publishers essentially distribute to independent bookshops and of course, the big fish, Waterstones, through the UK book wholesaler / distributer, Gardener Books.

Large publishing houses also rely on regional sales rep’s for promoting their titles. We will also be promoting your book through mailouts, describing you and your work, your story, to bookshop managers and owners, here in the UK.

Gardener books really are the ‘artery’ of UK book sales and the physical flow of books from publisher to retailer, and ultimately that beautiful thing, the reader.

Well, that is the wider Book Industry outside of the Amazon mainframe.

What do you think? How much faith do you have in your story and its value to the end reader? Are you possibly considering going through with a collaboration with My Life Publishing? If you never try this avenue, you will never know its potential outcome! Potential is such a strong word.

This is a small Publishing House and I hope that we can help you achieve your worth. It is so much easier taking these steps alongside a friend. My life Publishing is not taking over the rights to your book / story. This is a co-venture with a 50 / 50 split of the proceeds earned from the author/publisher/distributer 25% (after costs, namely Gardener Books).

These are still very early days. And I am so looking forward to meeting you and seeing your life through what you have written, the life of you, me, her, him, are such lives lived.

We are hoping to expand into fiction, poetry, and other publications in due course. So, if you are a writer in these genres, please watch this space…

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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    1. Thank you so very much Kristie. It is a winding road! What I have set out to do is hopefully explain the in’s and out’s of the journey 💁‍♀️💁‍♂️ I was once oblivious to the happenings within the book 📚 industry 👀

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