Feeling Settled Now

The holiday over and a couple of days relaxing at home! Summer Bank holiday Monday here, not much going on! All playing with their screens or watching ‘Mr Magoo’! Daddy mowing his lawn, the dogs chilling beside me.

Another 10kg of Damsons brought in from our tree! I might just make some Damson jam later, perhaps tomorrow morning! Just the thought of de-stoning 1000 Damsons, not appealing!

A mountain of washing sat in the kitchen and lunch to prepare! How does homemade pea soup and a toasted cheese sandwich sound?

Still spending way too much time on Instagram! But still happy with my blog! ‘Another day in the life of’ still brings a smile to me as I hope it does to you.

On the subject of Instagram, a few more pictures to share from our Cornish holiday, hope you like them.

As ever thanks for reading…

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

20 thoughts on “Feeling Settled Now”

  1. 1000 Damsons sounds intense. Too intense for bank holiday. Better leave it for another day although… I’m still waiting for the jam book!

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      1. The youngest is too young to really notice, he just goes with the flow! And the oldest has learned how to communicate without knowing all of the words: kids are so amazing at adapting, unlike me 🤪

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      2. I’m sure your linguistic skills are great! And you are right with little people and their communication skills! The school gate should be quite an experience for you Ingrid. I hope there are a couple of nice parents for you to get to know. 🙂

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