Some Birthday Clips of Yesterday

A few days quiet, just enjoying family life really. Children’s birthdays are always a bit ‘Crazy’. But if you plan well, you can make things easier on yourself. Mind you, I was quite busy and left the cake decorating to the last minute! It was quite an exhilarating 10 minutes, but post barbecue and the consumption of the sweets from the piñata, I thought a birthday isn’t a birthday without the cake! Deep breath, 18.39 it said on the microwave clock, camera, lights, action…

18.49 and one frosted strawberry and vanilla birthday cake was served up to not just Aaliyah and Caleb, but our neighbours daughter Peppy was included on the birthday wishes as she has just turned 4. So, in the end, happy birthday to all three of them.

Phew, what with 7 birthdays to consider in our house, I can now take a 6 month respite as our birthday season is the end of December – early July. Haha…

That was a frenzied 10 minutes

Don’t worry, no accidents occurred

I might reblog ‘The Aftermath’ later from this day a year ago! It was quite a different day altogether… as ever, thanks for reading.

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

7 thoughts on “Some Birthday Clips of Yesterday”

  1. These are such precious moments captured on video. That strawberry cake looks delectable and I love that the kids got dressed up for the party. Caleb’s tiger costume is adorable. And love the kids getting to take turns whacking the piñata. Kudos on a job well done. Your hard work paid off and your kids will remember this with appreciation!

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