Guest Post from Single Dad to 2 young Children ‘Daniel Sherwin’

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Affordable Tech Tools to Help Your Kids Prepare for School Reopenings

It’s no secret that the coronavirus pandemic has thrown a wrench into children’s education, disrupting the lives of students and parents across the country. As a result, back-to-school prep may look a little different this year. Your kids may be returning to school virtually, so make sure they’re prepared with the tools they need to succeed! And if the lockdown has kept your kids home from school for a while already, they may need some help getting back in gear. Here are some budget-friendly tech tools that can give your kids a head start as schools reopen!

Online Resources for At-Home Education

Encourage your kids to keep learning over the summer break by setting them up with some online educational resources.

 You can find free educational resources online for kids of all ages.
 Parents can make math interesting with hands-on learning and real-world applications.
 Take your kids on virtual field trips from the comfort of your couch.
 You can also find fun ideas for DIY home STEM activitiesand lab experiments online.

Educational Tech Gadgets

Tech gadgets can help make learning fun for your kids, whether in the classroom or at home!

 Get your kids a tablet with screen time limits and parental controls.
 Make sure your kids are equipped with a good laptop for researching class topics and completing homeworkefficiently.
 Smart notebooks are great for taking hand-written notesand then saving them digitally. 
 Help your kids concentrate on their studies with noise-canceling headphones.

Connecting with Your Kids’ Classroom

Tech tools make it easy for parents to stay connected to classroom life.

 Monitor the school website so you can stay up on the latest news and information.
 Take advantage of free apps designed to connect teachers and parents. 
 Google Classroom allows teachers to assign work and keep parents in the loop.

As many businesses start to open up again, schools are slowly following suit. Some states are reopening schools for summer programs while others are planning on cutting summer vacation short to make up for any missed class time during the lockdown. Regardless of when your kids return to school, you can help them adjust back to school life with the right supplies!

You can connect with Daniel directly through his website

(A great post Daniel, thank you so much for delivering such an interesting and informative read for us all today. You have my full respect!)

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  1. Interesting. We use so little tech of any kind in our house that this was genuinely very helpful and gave me lots of ideas..

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