Happy Father’s Day to all You Dad’s Out There

Today I would like to wish all Dad’s a happy Father’s Day.

It is late in the day here in ‘The Shires’ and we are just about to sit down as a family and enjoy a roast leg of lamb in celebration. Accompanied of course by roast potatoes, glazed carrots and petit pois.

Bike riding on the driveway again and Aaliyah pipes up that she would like to start riding a bicycle without stabilisers! Good for her!

Another grey and cloudy day today, though we have had some sunny spells. I believe our 2 week spell of rain is at an end and we should be enjoying super sunny days again tomorrow onwards, with temperatures up to 30 degrees centigrade! Summer has arrived!

Aaliyah has just grabbed Amritsar’s old blue bike from the entrance hall and is wheeling it into the garden to try to cycle on the grass. I’m keeping my fingers crossed! No screaming as yet. Daddy is just making his way to the door as she is now arguing with Amritsar!

Better go wrestle our dinner to the plate!

Thor and Caleb running around with their arms in the air, screaming rather loudly.

Happy days hey, today, tomorrow and into the future. Fingers crossed!

I did get to thinking about when John and I became father’s, so here are a couple of images from that time in India. These are all from Goa except the one of me in a rickshaw. That was definitely Mumbai!

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

18 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day to all You Dad’s Out There”

  1. Happy Fathers’ Day! Love the photos and dinner looks soooooo good! When are we invited? 😉 Chez nous it is – needless to say – hummus again 🤪


    1. Haha! Thank you Anna. You are too kind. The photos are from a time that I was so new to parenting! It seems like yesterday, yet such a long, long time ago now!

      And you are always welcome to dinner I might add! Lockdown and Corona V won’t always dominate our lives!

      World press playing up again, hence the anonymous sign in!!! It’s happening a lot recently!

      Have a great evening Anna. 😃


      1. Thank you, Andi ~ Jeff is looking forward to his Father’s Day dinner ~ we usually celebrate the day with my daughter, her husband and the grandkids but this year it’s so different just being the two of us ~ I do not like this new way of life and miss my family so much ~ I hope you all enjoyed your wonderful dinner ~ 🙂 xx

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      2. Thanks Andi, I am so looking forward to those days ~ ( I will be so very happy to be with my family once again! )

        I just put my chocolate cake pudding in the oven ~ it’s one of Jeff’s favorite desserts ~ and I am making vegetable lasagna for our dinner, I prepared it last night and just have to pop it into the oven around 4 pm ~ see ya later ~ xx

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      3. Yes, we shall have a glass of wine with our dinner , I might even have two glasses as I am so richly deserving of it for cooking Jeff such a spectacular dinner, LOL. Thanks for the kind wishes, after dinner I intend to watch a good movie with my sweetie ~ I guess your sweeties are in bed by now. xx

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      4. It sounds like a great meal Margie. We all love lasagna here. I hope those chocolate sponges were succulent in the middle!

        Heading up to bed soon. Yes, the little ones went up at 7.30pm and have remained upstairs, which is great! Another week begins… hope your movie choice is a great one! Speak tomorrow and happy Father’s Day to Jeff and Nolan’s dad, definitely your son also. I guess you did some FaceTime earlier. Nite nite Margie xx

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      5. Thank you Andi , we had a wonderful dinner, and watched “Pretty Woman” had some wine, and had a great video chat with the kids and grandkids ~ Thanks for the kind wishes to Jeff, Jon( my son-in-law) and my son David. Everyone had a great Father’s day ~ I am going to turn in early tonight as I am just a wee-bit tired ~ xx

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