Ready for the Weekend

But first a roundup of the week! All started well enough. Thor and Aaliyah are happy to be back at school, though Thor has taken a few steps backwards regarding his focus and general learning. Aaliyah seems to be flourishing. Caleb joined them on Wednesday as his plaster cast was finally removed on Tuesday. I am so very glad all is now well with him! Two broken arms in one year. Mind you his auntie reminded me that her son had a total of nine breaks throughout his childhood. He was certainly a little ballistic, just as Caleb is, so I’d better get into the mindset of dealing with life’s ups and downs as they happen!

Lots of cooking as ever, I’m sure you’ve seen my earlier blog. Favourite dish has to be the long denied ‘doner kebab’, recipe to follow. Lots of jam making too! Though the recipes for these I have earlier covered!

Tara and Amritsar’s home schooling is going just fine. We made a family tree today that went back from them, all the way back to my mother ‘Gramdma Jean’ and John’s mother ‘Granny Hazel’ (haha Mr Chiddicks). John just through the door with the three little ones, all full of smiles. It seems that Aaliyah and Caleb worked extremely hard today and received certificates. Thor in the other hand worked through one of his break times due to messing around and not applying himself. Naughty Thor. Aaliyah now playing with the dogs.

All the children excited now as my reply to ‘what are we having for dinner’ was ‘PIZZA’! It’s been quite a while. Mind you last time was homemade and today is shop brought!

Aaliyah is trying on a new tee shirt and yellow bloomers that arrived in the post today, she’s all smiles. I am reminded of my slightly ‘hippy look’ when I lived in Bangkok. I really must find out some of those photos and publish them for you to see! I have to smile.

Okay Wednesdays Donor Kebab recipe…

500g or 1lb minced lamb was placed in the food processor along with 2 x teaspoons crushed garlic, 2 x teaspoons cumin, 2 x teaspoons coriander, 2 x teaspoons paprika, salt and pepper.

Blitz in the food processor and place in a small to medium loaf tin. Bake for 30 – 35 minutes on around 160 centigrade. A moderate oven.

Meanwhile slice a 1/4 white cabbage as thinly as humanly possible. Set to one side. Slice some cucumber and tomato. Also finely slice half an onion. Big chunks don’t really work, slice very thinly!!!

Now, you will need a couple of condiments, a jar of pickled green chillis, a squeezy bottle of Hellmann’s mayonnaise and a chilly sauce of choice! We love the Thai Sriracha in this house.

As for pitta breads, purchase the super large ones or as I did, 2 regular smallish ones each. Now, toast on a skillet / frying pan lightly and slice alone one of the long ends. Or microwave for 40 seconds turning half way.

Your neat should be drained and left to sit for a few minutes. That fragrant aroma will immediately take you back to your last doner kebab infidelity! Slice your meat and fill your kebab with all the listed ingredients. Enjoy, but you’re gonna get dirty so don’t forget plenty of kitchen roll.

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15 thoughts on “Ready for the Weekend”

  1. So glad Caleb’s unplastered (hehehehe)
    Tell him that it is not a competition. He doesn’t have to go over nine breaks. Yikes…
    Have a fabulous weekend, y’all, from the Norwegian aunts.

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  2. Oh dear! So the darlings needed a cease fire! LOL
    G;ad things are quieter now!

    Speaking of cousins ~ Jeff and I have found tons since doing our DNA’s .
    A 4th cousin of mine, who lives in London got in contact with me a few weeks ago ~ it was pretty cool ~

    I am looking forward to the home delivered pizza tonight and I do think that dadda needs a day off from cooking ~ very soon!

    A hug back to you, Andi and a big woof woof from Hank! x
    Good nite and sweet dreams ~

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      1. Thank you, Andi for the kind wishes ~ I am just about to take Hank on a walk, we are having a beautiful day here and actually had some rain, in the early morning ~ the air feels so crisp and I can’t wait to breathe in the coolness of it all ~ we are having a wonderful reprieve from the heat the last two days!

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  3. Hi Andi, I am so glad to know that Caleb got his plaster off!
    Wonderful that the children got certificates at school ~ Thor’s day will come!
    Pizza for dinner sounds good ~ BTW, that is what Jeff and I are having as well ~ I will have one delivered ~ I have been cooking all week and need a break! (ha, ha, no I am just feeling very lazy today ~
    It’s great you are working on your family tree ~ Jeff has done a wonderful job on his side of his family as well as mine, on our family trees.
    Thank you for the recipe, Andi ~ Wishing you and your dear family a wonderful rest of the day ~ oh, I just realized it’s almost 9 pm there ~ I guess the children are fast asleep ~

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    1. Fast asleep! Haha… john has just been up to negotiate a cease fire. Sounding a bit quieter now! And yes, ‘Thor’s Day will come’!!! He needs a bit of guidance at the moment! He has started to scream just for effect and really loudly and also hit out for no provoked reason! Nite to oneself ‘ have to work on unprovoked screaming’!!! He is the most screamy of all of them!

      Hoping that pizza is enjoyable Margie! The thought of a takeaway delivery sounds excellent! We must consider a day off cooking for Dadda soon!

      Family trees are excellent! Mind you, I did a Dna swab fir 23 and me 5 years ago and seemingly have hundreds of third to fifth cousins in the US and Canada! A sign of our shared history of course. I also got to isolate my mothers Huguenot ancestral birth place – the Loire Valley! Wow, amazing what a bit of spit and throat cells can do!!!

      Sending a hug and woof woof to Hank x

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