13 thoughts on “Ito Eats at Our Lū’au”

  1. Sitting here feeling a tad sad and wondering what to do, I said to myself, ‘check WordPress,maybe Andi has posted a video, that might cheer me up’ And there it is! 🙂
    Oh, my, this so cheered me up!
    So loved it, Andi.
    Lovely dancing indeed!
    And Caleb is doing well, Yay!

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  2. OMG… WordPress needs a LOVE THIS button. This was sooo cute to see! Tara and Amritsar are beautiful dancers, and Caleb is doing great as well! You really make it a proper luau, Andi! We hope you guys have great fun!

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    1. Thank you Guys and I love that you thought up a new button!?! The girls were amazing! Alliyah was little miss Grumps however. As for the the illusive Thor! Eek… a proper update a bit later, but as you can see, Caleb is a happy boy once again! Sending hugs 🙂

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