A Little Mayhem Before Bedtime

I might just be giving my age away here when I say that I am feeling rather nostalgic laying here, listening to The Beat’s ‘Hands off…She’s Mine’, I was a very young chap when the 80’s Ska revival took place! You can’t but tap your foot to such a cool genre of music.

Tara and Aaliyah are on the opposite sofa watching something on Daddy’s iPad and Thor, Amritsar and Caleb are playing mobile toy car speed track on Thor’s ride around buggy that they only just remembered had the concealed race track within it, thanks to me reminding them that is!

They were playing nicely in the entrance hall, they have now moved into the living room. Lots of debate with who goes next and where they are going to position themselves next. At present they are beneath the piano, ‘be careful, mind your heads’ I say remembering many minor bumps over the years!

‘Best Friend’ a classic track used in the sound tracks of many a movie has just come on! Did I say that I am feeling nostalgic. They are all running around the coffee table now. I love it when they ‘play nicely’ together. You would never know that 30 minutes ago both Thor and Caleb were fighting.

Oops, the harmony has momentarily lapsed and Amritsar has started screaming that Thor isn’t letting her play.

The Zen of young children seldom lasts too long. But then again, there’s always something else to move on to!

‘Save it for later’ just came on. These guys (The Beat) really do deserve a little credit – Respect! And maybe our crew too for playing so nicely ‘Hands off…It’s Mine’! Oh dear…

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

8 thoughts on “A Little Mayhem Before Bedtime”

  1. You only have to check on em if they are too quiet. Otherwise, they are only quiet for about 5 min – 10 min tops haha at least that is my daughter. Let the music play! And hope the action blends in. 🙂

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    1. They’re all quiet now thankfully JJ. Finally a little time to relax. Aaah… as ever, I thank you for your comment 😉 and hoping your day is relatively stress free. I am so impressed about you and your new program. 🙂

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  2. They are so fickle aren’t they, these kids? Mine are the same, playing beautifully one minute and then scrapping. Think I just missed the boat with Ska revival although I liked a bit of Madness back in the day (The Madness? Some Sort of Madness) I’ll have to check out ‘Hands off.. she’s mine!’ Hubby is that era but not sure Ska revival was a French thing. I’ll ask.

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    1. Do ask Anna! It is quite a Brit thing that thankfully showed the embrace of that ‘Windrush’ generations cultural addition to our accepted ‘cultural norm’ that we thankfully live today! Gotta rush Thor and Tara are storming down the stairs screaming! Daddy has run out of the room to head them off!!! They do live to play up for daddy! Damn it’s so staged! Now I’m hearing ‘nite nite, I love you – see you in the morning’! Repeated several times! It can get tiring, but it’s become our bedtime norm! 🤔

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