The Hallow – Fawkes Party

All pumpkin’d out after these last few days! I am now listening to Bach in the kitchen! It’s Saturday morning. The earlier noise has finally subsided now that the littler three of the not so famous five have left for Charlie’s Birthday Party (a friend from school). The girls and I are going to enjoy some treats in their absence, as I always do with those not invited to any of the numerous Birthday Parties that are on the family agenda. Last nights ‘Hallow – Fawkes’ Party went down well. Things went smoothly, though I spent rather too much time in the kitchen. I believe everyone had a great time. Thank you Sindy and sister Sally who helped out – Sally’s spooky cupcakes were well received. Sleepy Hollow was a big success and the 4 litres of hot chocolate that were consumed whilst toasting marshmallows on the bonfire also went down extremely well.

It’s now 3pm and the he little ones have been maraudering around the house from their sugar highs from the earlier party. Thor has been shouting louder than usual and has just collapsed with sheer exhaustion from his ballistic behaviours!

The girls and I had chapatti and pea curry for our lunch, but not before chocolate coins were consumed and a toffee apple to boot. More sweets were had to rival the sweetie bags that returned with John and the little ones from the party.

I just snook upstairs in order to finish this. The volume is subsiding slightly downstairs. Everyone loved the dogs last night, though the rapscallion pair retired upstairs and onto Dadda and Daddy’s bed for a snooze after stealing several of the children’s hotdogs – rolls and all. The Puttanesca was enjoyed as were all of the other Italian dishes.

Did I say thank you to all that made it. Well, if not – A very big thank you…

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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