Time Off

Sorry for no diary entries in the last few of days. The Summer holidays can be a little ‘samey’ from day to day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner always at the same time for the children. Arts and Crafts in the mornings, a little tv now and then and a trip out in the afternoons. Plus a little screen time after lunch. That pretty much sums up the school holidays. Weekends are a bit more crazy as you know. We have just tried the children’s new wet suits in the pool in preparation for next weeks holiday on the beach in Cornwall. Now in the washing machine and the crew swaddled in towels with their kindle fire tablets, I have a few spare minutes to write this blog.

It is with deep regret that I continue this as we have just had the news from Dublin that Johns mum Hazel passed earlier this afternoon. John and I will of course be flying over for the funeral either being held on Wednesday or Thursday of next week.

I doubt that I will be blogging before the end of the week, just before our big journey to Cornwall. So, more from me and our family antics then.

My thoughts are with Johns family who have selflessly been at vigil these last weeks. Rest in peace Hazel, mother to John and granny to our crew…


Do you remember back in the springtime I mentioned that a very cool chick Mich and age old friend, was going to take a few snapshots of me as it seems that I never get a look in! Well I have decided to publish a few of those pics tonight as I imagined that I could sneak the odd picture in every now and then. But guess what? It always seems to be about the crew and not I, poor Dadda behind the lens. So there is not much chance of me ever getting a starring roll.

Okay, this is something that you learn the older you get! With every passing decade it gets harder doesn’t it? Harder that is, to feel that a snapshot (portrait) of you looks as impressive as the decade before. Okay, I’ve got a few decades stacked against me at this point, so maybe the odds are not in my favour.

I recently published a few of Dadda’s pictures from childhood. Yes, it would seem that I was a real cutie back then. But more recently I publicised within my diary, a few images from my early 20’s… So let’s be honest – that it is a unique time for us all and those clean, fresh looks we had back then, we will never again enjoy in quite the same way. I do not feel the most photogenic participant at this stage. But here are some of the images that were taken on that day back in the springtime by @michellemartinoli