Happy Summer Solstice

It’s amazing that Summer Solstice is not a National Holiday really. If you consider the importance of it throughout our pagan, ancient history. You would have thought that in these contemporary times, post tree hugging and what with witch craft not being a punishable crime worthy of being burnt at the steak, we would be paying more attention to this magnificent event with the Summer at its pinnacle. Oh well, just hoping BBC 2 will show a snippet of Stonehenge and the Druids larking about at sunrise this morning. And as for being burnt at the steak, looks like steak and chips is in the menu tonight.

Sports Day in the Rain

All schools have them don’t they? And today was our schools turn. 8.30am this morning got the okay from the head teacher that sports day would happen. It has been maybe/maybe not for a while with the local weather forecast. I hate it when the weather is like this. Will it rain or will it be dry! We hoped for dry as the weather app was inconclusive. And guess what? Come 1pm, we arrived to just the merest sprinkling of the wet stuff. We ate our picnic with haste and were then ushered to seats lining the side of the track. Nice to see a few friendly faces and meet one or two new ones. We cheered for ‘TeamGreen’ as that was Amritsar’s and Tara’s team. They did well and came in at number one – hoorah! Another very proud dad today as both girls came first or second in almost all of their races. A major turn around from last year when they did not apply the same gusto to their efforts. They both love P.E. now – This might be the reason behind such a good performance. Come 2pm the heavens opened and everyone dived for their brollies. There were some 60+ races in all. A constant stream of race after race. Very well choreographed indeed. Thor did a little track running for himself. Please note the picture beneath. And to top it all, Aaliyah also came first in the final run of the day where toddlers and siblings were invited to run the ‘toddlers race’. Thankfully the parents run was cancelled. I am remembering last year when John cheated on the egg and spoon race by holding down the egg. Naughty daddy! Even with that he managed to come last – oh dear…

Dadda’s Early Childhood

In early childhood my family lived around the Bristol area and Somerset. And today I discovered several old photos of my early childhood that my mother gave me several years ago now. Do you know – I completely forgot that we once drove the streets in a bright pink jaguar! How bloody camp is that? Dad… Respect! Lol

You know, Thor loves dickie bows and seeing this picture made me laugh. I wonder where he gets that from! Funny boy isn’t he?

I loved these Rupert Bear trousers. Not sure about the rusty chip pan basket though. Ooh nostalgia – one can get rather indulgent, can’t one?

Yes, last picture is me as a baby. I do remember when my mother gave me these pics. She said that just after this picture was taken, she dropped me on my head! ‘Why on earth would you tell me that Mother’ I exclaimed. ‘I just thought you should know that Andrew’ she replied. I really didn’t know what she was implying, but I let it drop (as she did me). At present remembering her fondly. Here’s to you Miss Jean Eve Paradise.

Trial Day at School for The Little Ones

Yes, today saw our not so famous five all leaving for school together. A first time in all these years that they are leaving the family home to go to school in unison. Job well done! I think you’ll agree they all look so smart in their Summer uniform? John has been joking that we will have a whopping 5% of the schools attendance. Though I don’t think that I am considering joining the P.T.F.A. anytime soon.

The Power of Words

Does a picture say a thousand words? Well, does it? The girls poetry got me thinking today. At present Remus can sense a change of mood within me. I do suddenly feel more somber. He has gently rested his chin on my lap and is glancing upwards, towards me. I wonder what it is that he senses! He acted strangely earlier today on the terrace. You see, we have a ‘green wall’ covered with ornamental ivy, our rather large grape vine and a sprouting crab apple tree. He was gently pacing the ground, sniffing around, almost searching for something lost. He was quiet then also. I listened, but there was a silence in the air. I considered the possibility of a red kite hunting in the area. You see, the bird song freezes when such a competent predator is near. No, this was different! And then I realised what was wrong. These last weeks have seen two very busy, brown feathered friends at work on our terrace. A mated pair of thrushes firstly built a nest within the ivy, laid their eggs and then once hatched, they have been completely engrossed with the feeding and nurturing of their offspring ever since. Two, maybe three little chicks with very loud and hungry sounding chirps had their parents perusing their own hunting frenzy. As soon as one parent emerged from the nest after feeding the chicks, the other would appear with a beak full of worms. The frenzy of the chirps erupted again and the cycle would repeat itself again and again. Today it is silent. I did gaze to see a solitary brown song thrush on the lawn, but it did not fly towards the nest hidden beneath the ivy. It just looked around, saw me and then flew away… what happened last night on our terrace? I really do not know, but the veil of silence seems louder with emptiness now. Does a picture say a thousand words? You be the judge.

A Reflection on Fathers Day

Okay – I might just be the only father on the planet that did not post a Facebook pic of ‘Fathers Day’ on the day itself. Rather, I have chosen today to reflect on it!

Daddy and Dadda Love You All 💕 💖

A poem each, from Amritsar and Tara:

Daddy and Dadda. You are as cuddly as a teddy bear, as hard working as a builder, as funny as a clown, as cool as a racer, as amazing as a teacher, as incredible as a chef and as good as an author. Love from Amritsar xxxxx

(Come to play with me, come to play with me, please, please play with me. Summer time is hear again, come and play with me)

Dadda, Daddy, you are as tall as a table as smart as a technician, as funny as a clown. Love Tara. X

(You are the best Daddyz in the Wirld)

Do remember the girls are only 6 years old!