Friday at Big School


Friday lunchtime was the little ones first exposure to ‘Big School’. They dressed for the part in their new school uniforms and Sindy and I accompanied them on this epic trial. We were greeted by the head mistress and an assortment of teachers, parents, children and P.T.F.A. members. The luncheon was yummy and Thor ate large volumes of crisps, sandwiches, biscuits and cakes, as we all did. I ate six sausage rolls and a ham sandwich. Caleb kept going back for yet another cup cake! Everyone that I spoke to seemed extremely pleasant. But I imagined that would be the case.

Friday evening was soon upon us and a good friend ‘ Elisabeth’ arrived to stay over a couple of nights. It was lovely to see her. We dined at the Michelin star’d ‘Harrow’ restaurant at Little Bedwyn. Great food and great company.

We’ve had a brilliant weekend thus far. Relatively few meltdowns, though no iPad privileges so far – so, they’ve all had their moments obviously. We lunched out in Hungerford yesterday. Went crazy at the reclamation yard and crammed in a local Manor House with its very own Roman Mosaics.

Back home to a play in the puddle. Children will be children. Not sure what happened to the speed of the video I thought I would add it anyhow.


Last night finished with a good amount of wine (Thank you Elisabeth) and a ‘Red Shrimp Thermidor’, buttered garlic green beans and ‘Dadda’s fried, torn potatoes.

Dadda’s Jam got a look-in today – just finishing off a batch of Apricot Jelly. I am about to jar and sterilise these golden sparkles for inclusion on Dadda’s Stall this year at the children’s summer fete!

Just the crew here now as Elisabeth had a Polo match to attend and we are set to meet our neighbours for a barbecue this afternoon. Weather not looking too great sadly. John presently picking up dog poo in preparation for mowing the lawn. Happy Days Eh!

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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