Remus – Our First Born

Yes tonight is a pictorial memory – Did I mention that I had a Sony Vaio Laptop that died all of a sudden a few years ago? Well I recently retrieved some important memories of my time in Mumbai with the girls. On that said laptop we also had pictures of our ‘First Born’ Remus. He was our ‘Boy’. A strong willed pup with an inquisitive character and an absolutely stunning look to him. His father was a ‘best of breed’ at Crufts the previous year to his birth. ‘A Show Stopper’ for sure. You make your own mind up?

That’s it for tonight. Just in from a great evening at ‘The Woodspeen’ restaurant, a rather enjoyed favourite of ours. Nikki our babysitter has just left – we are considering a movie before bedtime. Let’s hope we can decide on a title! Choosing a movie with John is not a simple matter.

Divisive Devices

The kitchen is now enjoying music – and the weather forecast if I but ask! You must have guessed. I’ve been unfaithful to ‘Google’ in the living room and I am now smooching with ‘Alexa’ in the kitchen. Naughty Dadda – huh! At present I am alone. Well that’s if you exclude ‘Alexa’. Listening in, working out, getting smarter, preparing for sentience and ultimate world domination. Ha ha, but hasn’t Jeff Bazos already done that! Sorry – must go ‘Google’ is calling me in from the living room!