Smooth Grooves Before Bedtime

7pm tonight and all was well. Johns arrival shortly after meant that he could say nite nite to the children. This was partly down to the fact that he drove the bike in to work and not the truck. The motorcycle being the preferred mode of transport in warmer weather. John kicked back (as you do after a 4.30am rise for work) in order to relax. However, soon enough the house was filled with Caleb’s screams of ‘There’s a spider under the sofa, there’s a spider under the sofa’. I will elaborate on that in a moment. Now,  Aaliyah was also screaming tonight, ‘there’s a moth, there’s a moth’ when we went up. I told her not to be silly, then I realised that there was indeed a 12mm moth (so small) on the velux blind, I opened the window and it flew away. I had completely forgotten about last summers crazy, reactionary screams regarding the insect population. Amritsar was bad last year and this year seems to be acting in much the same way. Mostly it’s Ritzy, Aaliyah and Caleb a close second though. I think that Thor’s relationship with these small, irrelevant creatures is to just crush them with no mercy. Tara is as ever, filled with empathy, not wanting to upset the equilibrium. Back to Caleb now, just the fact that he is making the words – that is really amazing. His language skills are still way behind his siblings. But I am so happy that his sentences are now sounding coherent. In just these last three months, he has progressed enormously. Still a long way to go sadly, but fingers crossed that he can start reception year in September. Though looking at tonight’s video, he does have a few mighty fine smooth moves and grooves on the dance floor! As does Amritsar, Go Ritzy Go!

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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