Paper Chains

There are some good lessons to learn making paper chains! It was a promising start to the day. The girls learnt to cut with scissors in a straight line by lining up the first cut with the left side of the scissor blade and taking careful snips. They learnt that a method of ‘mass production’ made their work more bountiful and patterns are better than the random cutting of strips. By this I mean that we glued one side of a rectangle of paper so all of the strips were pre glued and we did all of the cutting before we assembled the chains rather than one strip at a time. We used two separate sizes so that the chains were small, big, small, big and so on.

Now moving on. Tara’s chain was slightly bigger than Amritsar’s and this did not bode well. Amritsar’s strop would not be quashed until Tara had her chain shortened. They then went to their bedroom to stick the chains on their beds. Five minutes later and Amritsar could be heard cursing as she descended the stairs. When she gets a strop and thankfully that is not too often, she really works herself into a frenzy. It starts with the clenching of her hands and progresses on to the stamping of her feet, then finally the screaming interspersed with her demands and or complaints. Today’s episode was her worst ever yet. I even called Mrs Snodgrass (our fictional head mistress at Naughty School). She finally piped down and came to her senses. Amritsar that is, not Mrs Snodgrass.

Some more about the day in a short while as the children’s dinner needs to be put together. Sausage, bacon, hash brown, scrambled egg, beans and toast. Yummy!

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A Gay Dad reflecting on life in the Shires of England with my not so famous five and two rapscallion Dalmatian hounds

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